20th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Manila, Philippines
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Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-SC20-2024-01 Meeting notice and information (16May2024) - Rev.02
WCPFC-SC20-2024-02 Provisional agenda (16May2024) - Rev.01
WCPFC-SC20-2024-03 Provisional annotated agenda (16May2024) - Rev.01
WCPFC-SC20-2024-06 List of Documents
Working Papers
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC20-ST-IP-04 Project 90 update: Better Data on Fish Weights and Lengths for Scientific Analyses
J. Macdonald, L. Bell, E. Schneiter, M. Ghergariu, C. Sanchez, R. Contreras, P. Judd, M. Hosken, J. Potts, J. Day, T. Vidal, and P. Williams
SC20-ST-IP-09 Modifications to the Scientific Data to be Provided by the Commission to support the submission of FAD Minimum Data Fields to be Recorded by WCPFC Vessel Operators
PNA and Tokelau
SC20-ST-IP-12 Data Collectable Using Electronic Monitoring Systems Compared to At-Sea Observers in the Hawaiʻi Longline Fisheries
J. Stahl, J. Tucker, L. Rassel, and L. Hawn
Working Papers
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC20-SA-IP-07 Trends in the South Pacific albacore longline and troll fisheries
SPC-OFP and the WCPFC Secretariat
SC20-SA-IP-09 Progress against the 2023-2030 Billfish Research Plan - 2024
S. Brouwer and P. Hamer
SC20-SA-IP-10 Progress against the 2021-2030 Shark Research Plan - 2024
S. Brouwer and P. Hamer
SC20-SA-IP-11 Reproductive Biology of WCPO Yellowfin Tuna
S. Gislard, J. Scutt Phillips, J. Macdonald, J. Farley, J. Morrongiello, and S. Nicol
SC20-SA-IP-16 Examining Indicators of Effort Creep in the WCPO Purse Seine Fishery
P. Hamer, T. Teears, and the PNAO
SC20-SA-IP-17 Striped marlin catch and CPUE in the New Zealand sport fishery, 2019-20 to 2021-22
J. C. Holdsworth
SC20-SA-IP-18 Characterisation, CPUE and length-composition analyses of the New Zealand albacore fishery
P. Neubauer and T. Hill-Moana
SC20-SA-IP-19 Effort creep in longline and purse seine CPUE and its application in tropical tuna assessments
S. Hoyle
Working Papers
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC20-EB-IP-02 Update and Workplan on FAD Research
L. Escalle, J. Mourot, and P. Hamer
SC20-EB-IP-05 Tuna fisheries’ impacts on non-tuna species and other environmental aspects: 2024 summary
ISSF - V. Restrepo, H. Murua, A. Justel and H. Koehler
SC20-EB-IP-06 Potential interactions between fishing and mineral resource-related activities in areas beyond national jurisdiction: a spatial analysis
International Seabed Authority
SC20-EB-IP-07 Inputs for Comprehensive Bycatch Management Strategy Evaluation in Tuna Fisheries
SC20-EB-IP-08 Synthesizing a network of evidence on a seabird bycatch mitigation measure
E. Gilman, M. Chaloupka, I. Debski, Mi Ae Kim, E. Kingma, and D. Ochi
SC20-EB-IP-14 Final results of the jelly-FAD performance in the EPO with Ugavi fleet
G. Moreno, I. Zudaire, J. Uranga,M. Roman, M. Grande, J. Salvador, J. Murua, A. Salgado, J Lopez, H. Murua, J. Santiago, and V. Restrepo
SC20-EB-IP-15 Enhancing sustainable practices in the use of biodegradable Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in the EPO
J. Luis García, J. Carlos Quiroz y Guillermo Morán V., and FUNDACION TUNACONS
SC20-EB-IP-17 First International Workshop on FAD retrieval, Galápagos 2024
G. Moreno, G. Morán, and P. Guerrero
SC20-EB-IP-18 Progress in addressing key research to inform Mobulid ray conservation in the Pacific Ocean
M. Cronin, G Moreno, J. Murua, and V. Restrepo
SC20-EB-IP-22 A probabilistic time geographic approach to quantifying seabird-vessel interactions
J. Rutter, S. Borrelle, S. Bose, A. Carneiro, B. Clark, I. Debski, G. Elliott, J. Fischer, K. Walker, and S. Pittman
SC20-EB-IP-24 Straddling Sets: Clarification of RFMO seabird bycatch mitigation requirements for timing of longline setting
Humane Society International (Australia) and BirdLife International
SC20-EB-IP-26 Antipodean Albatross multi-threat risk assessment
Y. Richard, K. Berkenbusch, E. Crawford, M. Tornquist, K. Walker, G. Elliott, and L. Tremblay-Boyer
SC20-EB-IP-28 Assessing inter-annual variability in Antipodean Albatross distribution
Y. Richard, L. Tremblay-Boyer, K. Berkenbusch, N. Wilkinson, K. Walker, and G. Elliott
SC20-EB-IP-32 Origin and fate of mercury in tunas
A. Médieu, D. Point, V. Allain, and A. Lorrain
SC20-EB-IP-33 SEAPODYM: Integration of new data to inform modelling of tuna’s early life stages dynamics
L. Bonnin and I. Senina
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC20-AR-CCM-01 Australia
SC20-AR-CCM-02 Canada
SC20-AR-CCM-03 China
SC20-AR-CCM-04 Cook Islands
SC20-AR-CCM-05 European Union
SC20-AR-CCM-06 Federated States of Micronesia
SC20-AR-CCM-07 Fiji
SC20-AR-CCM-08 French Polynesia
SC20-AR-CCM-09 Indonesia
SC20-AR-CCM-10 Japan
SC20-AR-CCM-11 Kiribati
SC20-AR-CCM-12 Republic of Korea
SC20-AR-CCM-13 Republic of Marshall Islands
SC20-AR-CCM-14 Nauru
SC20-AR-CCM-15 New Caledonia
SC20-AR-CCM-16 New Zealand
SC20-AR-CCM-17 Niue
SC20-AR-CCM-18 Palau
SC20-AR-CCM-19 Papua New Guinea
SC20-AR-CCM-20 Philippines
SC20-AR-CCM-21 Samoa
SC20-AR-CCM-22 Solomon Islands
SC20-AR-CCM-23 Chinese Taipei
SC20-AR-CCM-24 Tokelau
SC20-AR-CCM-25 Tonga
SC20-AR-CCM-26 Tuvalu
SC20-AR-CCM-27 United States of America
SC20-AR-CCM-28 Vanuatu
SC20-AR-CCM-29 Wallis and Futuna
SC20-AR-CCM-30 {Placeholder}
SC20-AR-CCM-31 Curacao
SC20-AR-CCM-32 Ecuador
SC20-AR-CCM-33 El Salvador
SC20-AR-CCM-34 {Placeholder}
SC20-AR-CCM-35 Nicaragua
SC20-AR-CCM-36 Panama
SC20-AR-CCM-37 Thailand
SC20-AR-CCM-38 Vietnam

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