20th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Agenda Item Long-term recruitment and CPUE trends of skipjack tuna (Project 115)


Stability in the fishery-dependent pole and line CPUE indices influences model estimations of a stable long-term biomass trend. To account for the stable biomass trend of skipjack tuna in the face of increased catches over time the stock assessment predicts a trend of increased recruitment. Project 115 will explore any evidence for an increased recruitment trend and the occurrence and degree of effort creep and its influence on the pole and line CPUE. SC20 will review the research outcomes and provide recommendations to the Commission as needed. 

The SSP also provided additional effort creep-related work, which is contained in SC20-SA-IP-16.

Information Papers

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC20-SA-IP-16 Examining Indicators of Effort Creep in the WCPO Purse Seine Fishery
P. Hamer, T. Teears, and the PNAO