20th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Agenda Item 2.3 Annual Report – Part 1 from Members, Cooperating Non-Members, and Participating Territories


All CCMs shall submit Part 1 of the Annual Report (the amended template is available at SC-1 under Guidelines on the WCPFC website) to the Secretariat (BOTH sungkwon.soh@wcpfc.int and contact.ar@wcpfc.int) by 7 July 2024. 

The Submitted Part 1 reports are posted on the SC20 website. All annual reports are assumed to have been read before the meeting. This agenda item is an opportunity for questions and clarifications ONLY concerning these reports.

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC20-AR-CCM-01 Australia
SC20-AR-CCM-02 Canada
SC20-AR-CCM-03 China
SC20-AR-CCM-04 Cook Islands
SC20-AR-CCM-05 European Union
SC20-AR-CCM-06 Federated States of Micronesia
SC20-AR-CCM-07 Fiji
SC20-AR-CCM-08 French Polynesia
SC20-AR-CCM-09 Indonesia
SC20-AR-CCM-10 Japan
SC20-AR-CCM-11 Kiribati
SC20-AR-CCM-12 Republic of Korea
SC20-AR-CCM-13 Republic of Marshall Islands
SC20-AR-CCM-14 Nauru
SC20-AR-CCM-15 New Caledonia
SC20-AR-CCM-16 New Zealand
SC20-AR-CCM-17 Niue
SC20-AR-CCM-18 Palau
SC20-AR-CCM-19 Papua New Guinea
SC20-AR-CCM-20 Philippines
SC20-AR-CCM-21 Samoa
SC20-AR-CCM-22 Solomon Islands
SC20-AR-CCM-23 Chinese Taipei
SC20-AR-CCM-24 Tokelau
SC20-AR-CCM-25 Tonga
SC20-AR-CCM-26 Tuvalu
SC20-AR-CCM-27 United States of America
SC20-AR-CCM-28 Vanuatu
SC20-AR-CCM-29 Wallis and Futuna
SC20-AR-CCM-32 Ecuador
SC20-AR-CCM-33 El Salvador
SC20-AR-CCM-36 Panama
SC20-AR-CCM-37 Thailand
SC20-AR-CCM-38 Vietnam