20th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Agenda Item 1.2 Meeting arrangements


The Chair will outline procedural matters, including the meeting schedule, administrative arrangements, and the list of Theme Convenors.


Emily Crigler: emily.crigler@noaa.gov

Vice Chair


ST Theme

Valerie Post: valerie.post@noaa.gov 

SA Theme

Hidetada Kiyofuji: kiyofuji_hidetada20@fra.go.jp

Berry Muller: bmuller@mimra.com 

Michelle Sculley: michelle.sculley@noaa.gov 

MI Theme

Emily Crigler: emily.crigler@noaa.gov

(Acting convenor for Laura Tremblay-Boyer: laura.tremblay-boyer@csiro.au)

EB Theme

Yonat Swimmer: yonat.swimmer@noaa.gov 

Leyla Knittweis: leyla.knittweis@mpi.govt.nz

Deadlines for submitting meeting papers

  1. Annual Report – Part 1

  2. Titles and abstracts 

    • Due by 10 July 2024 to the Secretariat, SC Chair, and relevant Convenors

  3. Full papers 

    • Due by 27 July 2024 to the Secretariat, SC Chair, and relevant Convenors