20th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Agenda Item 6.2.2 Updates on FAD Management Options IWG


WCPFC20 tasked the FADMO-IWG with considering i) ways to implement FAD recovery programs and ii) developing a FAD logbook for vessel operators (see paragraphs 384-385, WCPFC20 Summary Record): 

384.   The Commission further tasks the FADMO-IWG to consider ways to implement FAD recovery programs/strategies, including economic aspects and standards required for programs to be effective, to be a standing agenda item for the FADMO-IWG in 2024. 

385.   In the development of 2024-2026 FADMO-IWG Workplan, the FADMO-IWG shall incorporate the following: 

  1. Provide advice to WCPFC23 on the implementation of stepwise introduction of bio-degradable dFADs; 

  2. Provide advice to WCPFC23 on the effectiveness of the limit on the number of dFADs deployed as set in paragraph [21] of the CMM 2023-01 and; 

  3. To develop a FAD logbook for vessel operators and to review the IWG workplan accordingly to action recent developments.

The Commission also tasked the FADMO-IWG to consider requirements for the transmission of satellite buoy data from drifting FADs in 2024 to promote effective and sustainable FAD management in the WCPFC (refer to paragraph 550, WCPFC20 Summary Record).

SC20 will review the progress of the FADMO-IWG work and provide feedback to facilitate the IWG's progress.

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SC20-EB-IP-17 First International Workshop on FAD retrieval, Galápagos 2024
G. Moreno, G. Morán, and P. Guerrero