20th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Agenda Item 3.4.2 Requirements for increased observer coverage in longline fisheries under CMM 2023-01


The footnotes to CMM 2023-01 Attachment 1, Table 3 provides an option for certain CCMs to notify that they will increase their bigeye catch limit by committing to a proportionate increase in observer coverage level (e.g., observer + Electronic Monitoring (EM)) above the minimum 5% ROP coverage level.  Noting that intersessional work led by the ER&EM-IWG is to develop WCPFC’s EM program, SC20 will review updates and provide advice to TCC and the Commission on interim steps to support reviews of requirements for increased observer coverage levels (e.g., observer + Electronic Monitoring (EM)) for longline fisheries under CMM 2023-01.