10th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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Working Papers
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SC10-ST-WP-01 Scientific data available to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.
Williams, P.
SC10-ST-WP-02 Comparison of the species composition of purse-seine catches determined from logsheets, observer data, market data, cannery receipts and port sampling data / Supplementary information
Lawson, T.
SC10-ST-WP-03 Preliminary Report on Solomon Islands Longline E-Monitoring Project.
Hosken, M. [1], H. Vilia [2], J. Agi [2], P. Williams [1], E. Honiwala [2], H. Walton [3], M. Owens [4], C. Wickham [5], E. Zaborovskiy [6] and B. Cheung [7].
SC10-ST-WP-04 On the potential of identifying fad‐association in purse seine catches on the basis of catch sampling Rev 1 (18 July 2014)
Hare, S. R., S. J. Harley and J. Hampton.
SC10-ST-WP-05 Group Seine Operations of Philippine Flagged Vessels in High Seas Pocket 1 (HSP1)
Ramiscal, R. V., A. C. Dickson, I. Tanangonan, M. Demo-os, , and J. Jara
SC10-ST-WP-06 Analysis of Purse Seine/Ring Net Fishing Operations in Philippine EEZ
Ramiscal, R. V[1]., A. C. Dickson, DFT [1], W. S. de la Cruz [1], I Tanangonan[1], M. Demo-os[1], J. A. Jara[1] and J. O. Dickson DFT [2],

SC10-ST-WP-07 The Use of Electronic Reporting for Regional Purse Seine Log Book and Regional Observer Work Book Data
D.Karis, P.Lens, B.Kumasi and M.Oates
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-ST-IP-01 Estimates of annual catches in the WCPFC Statistical Area (Rev.1 - 23July2014)
Oceanic Fisheries Programme, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea, New Caledonia

SC10-ST-IP-02 Report for the WCPFC Consultancy on the Collection and Evaluation of Purse-Seine Species Composition Data, August 2013 - January 2014
Lawson, T.
SC10-ST-IP-03 Status of observer data management
Williams, P. I. Tuiloma and C. Falasi
SC10-ST-IP-04 Major changes in data available for the 2014 tropical tuna assessments
Williams, P.
SC10-ST-IP-05 An update of the E-reporting initiatives coordinated by the SPC
Malo Hosken, Peter Williams and Emmanuel Schneiter
SC10-ST-IP-06 Preliminary analysis for accuracy of catch amount by species caught by purse seine comparing observer data and landing data
Satoh, K. and H. Okamoto.
SC10-ST-IP-07 Overview of size data for bigeye tuna caught by Japanese longline fishery in the Pacific Ocean
Okamoto, H.
SC10-ST-IP-08 Pilot Test of MARLIN(Electronic Logsheet) Operation in High Seas Pocket 1
Ramiscal R. V. A. C. Dickson, M. Demo-os, I Tanangonan and J. A. Jara
SC10-ST-IP-09 Preliminary analysis of the Regional Observer Programme data on FAD design
Abascal, F., S. Fukofuka, C. Falasi, P. Sharples and P. Williams.
SC10-ST-IP-10 Report of scientific observer programme from China longline fishery
Dai, X. and F. Wu.
SC10-ST-IP-11 Summary of Advice Provided by CCMs in Annual Report Pt 2 2014 on metric used to calculate percentage of longline observer coverage in 2013
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-SA-WP-00 Minor revisions to the bigeye, skipjack and yellowfin assessment reports (25 July)
SC10-SA-WP-01 Stock assessment of bigeye tuna in the western and central Pacific Ocean Rev 1 (25 July 2014).
Harley, S., N. Davies, J. Hampton and S. McKechnie
SC10-SA-WP-02 Implementing the recommendations from the bigeye tuna assessment review
SPC-OFP, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea, New Caledonia

SC10-SA-WP-03 Purse seine CPUE for skipjack and yellowfin in the Papua New Guinea purse seine fishery
Pilling, G. M. [1], T, Usu [2], B. Kumasi [2], S. J. Harley[1] and J. Hampton[1].
SC10-SA-WP-04 Stock assessment of yellowfin tuna in the western and central Pacific Ocean Rev 1 (25 July 2014)
Davies, N. S. Harley, J. Hampton and S. McKechnie.
SC10-SA-WP-05 Stock assessment of skipjack tuna in the western and central Pacific Ocean. (Rev 1 25 July 2014)
Rice, J. S. Harley, N. Davies and J. Hampton
SC10-SA-WP-06 Status quo stochastic projections for bigeye, skipjack, and yellowfin tunas
Pilling, G. M., S. J. Harley, N. Davies, J. Rice and J. Hampton.
SC10-SA-WP-07 Recent trends in the south Pacific albacore longline fishery Rev 1 (24 July)
Pilling, G. [1], S. Harley [1], P. Williams [1], J. Hampton [1] and WCPFC Secretariat
SC10-SA-WP-07a Excel: SPA vessel number latitude flag
Pilling, G.
SC10-SA-WP-07b Excel: SPA catch proportion latitude flag
Pilling, G.
SC10-SA-WP-08 Stock assessment of blue shark in the north Pacific Ocean using stock synthesis
Rice, J.[1], S. Harley [1], and M. Kai [2].
SC10-SA-WP-09 Relative abundance of skipjack and yellowfin tuna in the Moro Gulf (Philippine Region 12)
Bigelow, K. [1], E. Garvilles [2] and N. Barut [2].
SC10-SA-WP-10 Abundance of skipjack migrating to the Pacific coastal water of Japan indicated by Japanese coastal troll and pole-and-line CPUE Rev 1 (31 July 14)
Kiyofuji, H. [1], H. Ashida [1], M. Sugimoto [2], Y. Horii [3], and H. Okamoto [1]
SC10-SA-WP-11 Stock Assessment of Bluefin Tuna in the Pacific Ocean in 2014
ISC Pacific Bluefin Tuna Working Group
SC10-SA-WP-12 Stock Assessment of Albacore Tuna in the North Pacific Ocean in 2014
ISC Albacore Working Group
SC10-SA-WP-13 North Pacific Swordfish (Xipiaus gladius) Stock Assessment in 2014
ISC Billfish Working Group
SC10-SA-WP-14 Stock Assessment and Future Projections of Blue Shark in the North Pacific Ocean Rev 1
ISC Shark Working Group
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-SA-IP-01 Summary of major changes in the 2014 tropical tuna assessments
Harley, S., N. Davies, J. Rice, S. McKechnie and J. Hampton
SC10-SA-IP-02 Basis for regional structures used in the 2014 tropical tuna assessments, including regional weights
McKechnie, S., S. Harley, N. Davies, J. Rice, J. Hampton, and A Berger
SC10-SA-IP-03 Analyses of longline catch per unit effort data for bigeye and yellowfin tunas
McKechnie, S.[1], S. Harley [1], S-K. Chang [2], H-I. Liu [3] and T-L. Yuan [2].
SC10-SA-IP-04 Analysis of longline size frequency data for bigeye and yellowfin tunas in the WCPO
Mckechnie, S.
SC10-SA-IP-05 Analysis of tropical purse seine length data for skipjack, bigeye and yellowfin tunas
Abascal, F., T. Lawson and P. Williams.
SC10-SA-IP-06 Analysis of tagging data for the 2014 tropical tuna assessments: data quality rules, tagger effects, and reporting rates
Berger, A. M.[1], S. McKechnie [1], F. Abascal [1], B. Kumasi [2], T. Usu [2] and S. J. Nicol [1].
SC10-SA-IP-07 Report from the SPC pre-assessment workshop, Noumea, April 2014
Oceanic Fisheries Programme (OFP)
SC10-SA-IP-08 Developments in the MULTIFAN-CL Software 2013-14
N. Davies [3], D. Fournier [2], J. Hampton [1], S. Harley [1] and F. Bouyé [1].

SC10-SA-IP-09 Placeholder
SC10-SA-IP-10 Recommended approaches for standardizing CPUE data from pelagic fisheries
Hoyle, S. D [1]., A. D. Langley [2], and R. A. Campbell [3]
SC10-SA-IP-11 Guidelines for presenting CPUE indices of abundance for WCPFC stock assessments
Hoyle, S. D.[1], A. D. Langley [2] and R. A. Campbell [3]
SC10-SA-IP-12 Standardized skipjack CPUE of coastal troll fishery around Hachijo-Island from 1996 to 2013.
Okamoto, H.[1], H. Kiyofuji [1], Y. Horii [2], and H. Ashida [1].
SC10-SA-IP-13 Age and Sex Specific Natural Mortality of the Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) in the North Pacific Ocean
Joel Rice [1] & Yasuko Semba [2]
SC10-SA-IP-14 Standardization of blue shark catch per unit effort in the North Pacific Ocean based on deepset longline observer data for use as an index of abundance
Rice, J. and S. Harley.
SC10-SA-IP-15 Project 35: Bigeye tuna age and reproductive biology progress report
Nicol, S.[1], B. Muller [2], N. Tavaga [3], C. Golu [4], M.Afeleti [5], B. Phillips [6], T. Usu [7], K. Sisior [8], C.Sanchez [1], F. Roupsard [1], M. Hosken [1]
SC10-SA-IP-16 An update of the standardized abundance index of skipjack by the Japanese pole-and-line fisheries in the WCPO.
Kiyofuji, H [1]. and H. Okamoto [1].
SC10-SA-IP-17 Determination of southwest Pacific swordfish growth and maturity (UB 2014/15 project)
Farley, J., N. Clear, D. Kolody, R. Hillary and J. Young
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-MI-WP-01 Evaluation of risks of exceeding limit reference points for south Pacific albacore, bigeye, yellowfin and skipjack tunas with implications for target reference points: a case study using south Pacific albacore.
Pilling, G. M., S. J. Harley and J. Hampton.
SC10-MI-WP-02 Management strategies (objectives, indicators, reference points and harvest control rules): the equatorial skipjack purse seine fishery as an example
Carola Kirchner, Aaron Berger, Graham Pilling, and Shelton Harley
SC10-MI-WP-03 Potential target reference points that consider fisheries across the extent of the stock: yellowfin fisheries as an example
Graham Pilling[1], Shelton Harley[1], and Laura Tremblay-Boyer[2]
SC10-MI-WP-04 Potential target reference points that consider profitability of fleets: south Pacific albacore longlining as an example
Aaron Berger [1], Chris Reid [2], Graham Pilling [1], and Roseti Imo [2]
SC10-MI-WP-05 Relative impacts of FAD and free school fishing on yellowfin tuna
Hampton, J. and G. Pilling
SC10-MI-WP-06 Relationship between abundance and range size in longline target species
Tremblay-Boyer, L. [1], S. Harley [2], and G. Pilling [2].
SC10-MI-WP-07 Development of Limit Reference Points for Elasmobranchs
Clarke, S.[1] and S. Hoyle [2]
SC10-MI-WP-08 Draft conservation and management measure on establishing a harvest strategy for key tuna species in the WCPO
SC10-MI-WP-09 Assessing a candidate target reference point for skipjack tuna consistent with PNA management objectives
Information Papers
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-EB-WP-01 Analysis of WCPO longline observer data to determine factors impacting catchability and condition on retrieval of oceanic whitetip, silky, blue and thesher sharks and Supplementary Information (EB-WP-01a)
Caneco, B. [1], C. Donovan [1], and S. Harley [2]
SC10-EB-WP-02 Project 62: SEAPODYM applications in WCPO Rev 1
Lehodey, P. [1], I. Senina [1], O.Titaud [1], B.Calmettes [1], A. Conchon [1], A. Dragon [1],

S. Nicol [2], S.Caillot [2], J. Hampton [2] and P. Williams [2].
SC10-EB-WP-03 Annual WCPFC Report: Joint Tuna RFMO Bycatch Technical Working Group.
Nicol, S [1]. and S. Clarke [2]
SC10-EB-WP-04 A report on the activities completed for Shark Research Plan by the SPC-OFP
Brouwer, S.
SC10-EB-WP-05 A review of shark bycatch mitigation in tuna longline fisheries
Patterson, H., S. Hansen and J. Larcombe
SC10-EB-WP-06 Seabirds and sea turtles bycatch of Taiwanese tuna longline fleets in the Pacific Ocean Rev 1 (1 August 2014)
Hsiang-Wen Huang.
SC10-EB-WP-07 Summary of utilization of mitigation techniques to reduce seabird bycatch in Japanese small-sized longline vessels
Ochi D [1], N. Katsumata [1], T. Kitamura [2], and H.Minami [1].
SC10-EB-WP-08 International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s Third Bycatch Mitigation Research Cruise in the WCPO
Sancristobal, I. [1], J. Filmalter[2,4], F. Forget [2,4], G. Boyra [1], G. Moreno [1], J. Muir [3] , L. Dagorn [4] and V. Restrepo [5].
SC10-EB-WP-09 Catch, Effort, and eCOsystem impacts of FAD-fishing (CECOFAD) (ppt-pdf)
Ariz Tellaria, F. J.
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-EB-IP-01 Mitigating seabird bycatch during hauling by pelagic longline vessels
Eric Gilman[1], Milani Chaloupka [2], Brett Wiedoff [3] and Jeremy Willson [3]

SC10-EB-IP-02 Project 62: Progress report on climate simulations Rev 1 (23 July 20150
Nicol, S.[1], M. Dessert [2], T. Gorgues [2], O. Aumont [2], C. Menkes [3], P. Lehodey [4] and M. Lengaigne [5].
SC10-EB-IP-03 Project 62: Data Query Tool for SEAPODYM output
Caillot, S. and S. Nicol
SC10-EB-IP-04 Bycatch in Longline Fisheries for Tuna and Tuna-like Species: a Global Review of Status and Mitigation Measures
Clarke, S., M. Sato, C. Small, B. Sullivan, Y. Inoue and D. Ochi.
SC10-EB-IP-05 Issues for t-RFMOs in relation to the listing of shark and ray species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
Clarke, S.[1], L. Manarangi-Trott [2] and S. Brouwer [3].
SC10-EB-IP-06 A Proposal for a Research Plan to Determine the Status of the Key Shark Species (WCPFC-SC6-2010/EB-WP-01)
Clarke, S. and S. Harley.
SC10-EB-IP-07 placeholder
SC10-EB-IP-08 New Zealand National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks 2013
Ministry for Primary Industries, the Department of Conservation, and

Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade

SC10-EB-IP-09 Trade-offs among Catch, Bycatch, and Landed Value in the American Samoa Longline Fishery
Watson, J. T.[1][2] and K. A. Bigelow [3]
SC10-EB-IP-10 Seabird interaction rates in the Hawaii‐based shallow and deep‐set longline fisheries by vessel size as estimated from observer data (2004–2013)
Bigelow, K
SC10-EB-IP-11 Shark Catch in Pelagic Longline Fisheries: A Review of Mitigation Measures
Curran, D.
SC10-EB-IP-12a Development of a Rapid Management-Risk Assessment Method for Fish Species through its Application to Sharks
Lack, M. [1], G. Sant [2], M. Burgener [3] and N. Okes [4] (contracted to Defra [5])
SC10-EB-IP-12b Annex to EB-IP-12a
SC10-EB-IP-13 CITES Non-detriment Findings Guidance for Shark Species Sharks
Mundy-Taylor, V., V. Crook, S. Foster, S. Fowler, G. Sant and J. Rice (report for BfN [1])
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
RP-WPEA-01 Summary report on 2013-2014 WPEA Project activities
Secretariat, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam
RP-WPEA-02 Financial Statement of the WPEA Project
SC10-RP-JTF-01 Japan Trust Fund Status Report (2014) Rev 1
SC10-RP-JTF-02 JTF 2014 Steering Committee Report
SC10-RP-PTTP-02 Pacific Tuna Tagging and PNG Tagging Project Progress Report and Workplan for 2013-2014 Rev 1 (25 July 2014)
Usu, T.[1], B. Kumasi [1], S. Caillot [2], B. Leroy [2], C. Sanchez [2], S. Nicol [2], J. Hampton [2], L. Kumoru [1]

SC10-RP-PTTP-03 Papua New Guinea Tagging Project: 2014 Summary Report
Usu, T[ 1], B. Kumasi [1], B. Sabub [1], L. Kumoru [1], S. Caillot [2], B. Leroy [2], C. Sanchez [2], J. Hampton [2], A. Lewis [2], S. Nicol [2].
SC10-RP-PTTP-04 Long-term Tagging of Big Eye Tuna in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean in Support of Stock Assessment and Management
Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
SC10-RP-PTTP-05 Progress report on archival tagging within the Papua New Guinea Tagging Program
Leroy, B [1], K. Evans [2], J. Scutt-Phillips [1], T. Patterson [2], S. Caillot [1], T. Usu [3], B. Kumasi [3], C. Davies [2], S. Nicol [1] and L. Kumoru [3]
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC10-AR-CCM-01 Australia
SC10-AR-CCM-02 Canada
SC10-AR-CCM-03 China
SC10-AR-CCM-04 Cook Islands
SC10-AR-CCM-05 European Union
SC10-AR-CCM-06 Federated States of Micronesia
SC10-AR-CCM-07 Fiji
SC10-AR-CCM-08 French Polynesia
SC10-AR-CCM-09 Indonesia Rev 1 (07 August 2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-10 Japan
SC10-AR-CCM-11 Kiribati
SC10-AR-CCM-12 Korea Rev 2 (31 October 2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-13 Marshall Islands
SC10-AR-CCM-14 Nauru
SC10-AR-CCM-15 New Caledonia
SC10-AR-CCM-16 New Zealand Rev 1 (28 August 2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-17 Niue
SC10-AR-CCM-18 Palau
SC10-AR-CCM-19 Papua New Guinea
SC10-AR-CCM-20 Philippines Rev 2 (20 August 2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-21 Samoa
SC10-AR-CCM-22 Solomon Islands
SC10-AR-CCM-23 Chinese Taipei Rev 1 (22 September 2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-24 Tokelau
SC10-AR-CCM-25 Tonga
SC10-AR-CCM-26 Tuvalu
SC10-AR-CCM-27 United States of America (Final-01Aug2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-28 Vanuatu Rev 1 (30 October 2014)
SC10-AR-CCM-29 Wallis and Futuna
SC10-AR-CNM-30 Belize
SC10-AR-CNM-31 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
SC10-AR-CNM-32 Ecuador
SC10-AR-CNM-33 El Salvador
SC10-AR-CNM-34 Mexico
SC10-AR-CNM-35 Panama
SC10-AR-CNM-36 Thailand
SC10-AR-CNM-37 Vietnam Rev 1 (06 August 2014)

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