9th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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Working Papers
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-WCPFC9-01 Report from the Management Objectives Workshop (WCPFC9-2012-14)
Ian Cartwright
SC9-WCPFC9-02 South Pacific Albacore Fishery (WCPFC9-2012-IP-07)
SC9-WCPFC9-03 Resolution on the Best Available Science (Resolution 2012-01)
SC9-WCPFC9-04 Update of progress towards a stock assessment for swordfish in the southern WCPO (WCPFC9-2012-IP-10)
SC9-WCPFC9-05 Addendum to WCPFC9-2012-IP-10 (WCPFC9-2012-IP-10A)
SC9-WCPFC9-06 Projection analysis of alternative management options for south Pacific albacore (WCPFC9-2012-IP-11)
SC9-WCPFC9-07 Information Paper Supplement to WCPFC-2012-IP-11 (WCPFC9-2012-IP-12)
SC9-WCPFC9-08 Progress on the updated silky shark stock assessment in the WCPO (WCPFC9-2012-IP-13)
SC9-WCPFC9-09 Preliminary analysis of potential impacts of wire traces on shark catches in WCPO tuna longline fisheries (WCPFC9-2012-IP-14)
SC9-WCPFC9-10 An assessment of the Chairman’s draft CMM for tropical tunas (Rev 1) (WCPFC0-2012-IP-15 (Rev1)).
SC9-WCPFC9-11 Future Projections of the Western and Central North Pacific Striped Marlin Stock (WCPFC9-2012-IP-18)
SC9-WCPFC9-12 Draft Strategic Plan (WCPFC9-2012-FAC6-07)
Working Papers
Information Papers
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-SA-WP-01 Project 35: Bigeye tuna age and reproductive biology progress report Rev 1 (24 July)
Nicol, S. and C.Sanchez
SC9-SA-WP-02 Stock assessment of blue shark in the north Pacific Ocean using Stock Synthesis
Rice, J. [1], S. Harley, [1], M. Maunder [2], and A. A. Da-Silva [2]
SC9-SA-WP-03 Updated Stock assessment of silky shark in the western and central Pacific Ocean
Rice, J. and S. Harley
SC9-SA-WP-04 Potential catch and CPUE series to support a stock assessment of blue shark in the south Pacific Ocean
Rice, J. and S. Harley
SC9-SA-WP-05 Stock assessment of swordfish (Xiphias gladius) in the southwest Pacific Ocean
Davies, N., G. Pilling, S. Harley, and J. Hampton
SC9-SA-WP-06 A compendium of fisheries indicators for bigeye, skipjack, yellowfin, and south Pacific albacore tunas
Harley, S. and P. Williams
SC9-SA-WP-07 Distribution of longline catches for southwest Pacific striped marlin
Harley, S. and P.Williams
SC9-SA-WP-08 Implementing the recommendations from the bigeye tuna assessment review
SC9-SA-WP-09 Stock Assessment of Blue Marlin in the Pacific Ocean in 2013 (Replacement Document 31 July 2013)
ISC Billfish Working Group
SC9-SA-WP-10 Stock assessment of Pacific bluefin tuna in 2012 (Rev 1) 30 July 2013
ISC Pacific bluefin tuna Working Group
SC9-SA-WP-11 Stock Assessment and Future Projections of Blue Shark in the North Pacific, plus reports from the associated ISC Shark WG Workshops
ISC Shark Working Group
SC9-SA-WP-12 Updated CPUE standardization for yellowfin tuna caught by Korean tuna longline fisheries in the WCPO
Lee S. I., Z. G. Kim, M. K. Lee, J. E. Ku, S. C. Yoon and D. W. Lee.
SC9-SA-WP-13 Comparison of CPUE trends for skipjack tuna between two troll fisheries around Hachijo-Island and south off Wakayama prefecture.
Kiyofuji, H.[1], H. Okamoto, [1], H. Ashida, [1], Y. Horii, [2] and A. Hoshikawa,[3]
SC9-SA-WP-14 Decadal and spatial analysis of Japanese pole and line fisheries for improving catch per unit effort of skipjack in the WCPO.
Kiyofuji, H. and H. Okamoto.
SC9-SA-WP-15 Preliminary Analyses of the Potential Impacts of Minimum Weight Regulations for Pacific Bluefin Tuna
Gedamke, T.
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-SA-IP-01 Report from the SPC pre-assessment workshop, Noumea, April 2013
SC9-SA-IP-02 Catch and catch per unit effort of silky sharks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
Rice, J.
SC9-SA-IP-03 Analysis of swordfish catch per unit effort data for Japanese and Chinese Taipei longline fleets in the southwest Pacific Ocean
Hoyle, S. [1], N. Davies [1], and Shui-Kai Chang [2]
SC9-SA-IP-04 Target changes in the tropical WCPO Japanese longline fishery, and their effects on species composition
Hoyle, S. [1] and H. Okamoto [2]
SC9-SA-IP-05 Longline CPUE series that account for changes in the spatial extent of fisheries
McKechnie, S. S, Hoyle and S. Harley
SC9-SA-IP-06 Analyses of tagging data for tropical tunas, with implications for the structure of WCPO bigeye stock assessments
Hoyle, s [1]., Kolody, D.[1,2], and S. Nicol, [1].
SC9-SA-IP-07 Recent developments in the MULTIFAN-CL stock assessment software
Davies, N. [11], D. Fournier [2], J. Hampton [1], S. Hoyle [1], F. Bouyé [1], and S. Harley [1]
SC9-SA-IP-08 Swordfish CPUE for the Japanese charter fleet fishing off the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand
McKechnie, S. and S. Hoyle
SC9-SA-IP-09 The spatial distribution of striped marlin in the SW Pacific Ocean: Estimates from PSAT Tagging Data
Chambers, M. [1], T. Sippel [2], M. Domeier [3] and J. Holdsworth [4].
SC9-SA-IP-10 Summary of logbook and observer data pertaining to the catch of blue sharks off eastern Australia
Campbell, R.
SC9-SA-IP-11 Evaluation of Tag Mixing Assumptions for Skipjack, Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna Stock Assessments in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans
Kolody, D. [1] and S. Hoyle. [2]
SC9-SA-IP-12 The fishing characteristics of Korean tuna purse seine fishery in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
Lee, M. K., S. I. Lee, Z. G. Kim, J. E. Ku, S. C. Yoon and D. W. Lee.
SC9-SA-IP-13 Report of the Billfish Working Group Workshop May 2013
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-MI-WP-01 Analysis of the implementation and effectiveness of key management measures for tropical tunas Rev 2 (13 August)
Pilling, G., P. Williams, J. Hampton, and S. Harley
SC9-MI-WP-02 Determination of appropriate time-windows for calculation of depletion-based limit reference points
Berger, A. M., G. M. Pilling, C. Kirchner and S J Harley
SC9-MI-WP-03 Proposed F-based limit reference points for bigeye, yellowfin, and south Pacific albacore tuna
Berger, A. M., G. M. Pilling, C. Kirchner, and S. J. Harley
SC9-MI-WP-04 Approaches to describe uncertainty in current and future stock status
Berger, A. M., G. M. Pilling, S. J. Harley, and C, Kirchner
SC9-MI-WP-05 'Strawman' Document developed through MO Roadmap process
Cartwright [1], I., J. Ianelli [2] and R. Allen [2].
SC9-MI-WP-06 Cost-Earnings Study of the American Samoa Longline Fishery Based on Vessel Operations in 2009
Shawn Arita [1] and Minling Pan [2]
SC9-MI-WP-07 Updating analyses for relationship between bigeye tuna catch and school type of Japanese purse seine fishery
Satoh, K. H. Okamoto and M. Ogura
Information Papers
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-EB-WP-01 Spatial and temporal distribution of whale sharks in the WCPO based on observer data and other data sources
Harley, S. P. Williams and J. Rice
SC9-EB-WP-02 Analyses of the potential influence of four gear factors (leader type, hook type, “shark” lines and bait type) on shark catch rates in WCPO tuna longline fisheries. Rev 1 (22 July)
Bromhead, D., J. Rice and S. Harley
SC9-EB-WP-03 SEAPODYM applications in WCPO – progress report Rev 1 (8 August 2013)
P.Lehodey [1], I.Senina [1], O.Titaud [1], B.Calmettes [1], S.Nicol [2], J.Hampton [2], S.Caillot [2], P.Williams [2]
SC9-EB-WP-04 Progress on Kobe III bycatch specialist working group
Nicol. S
SC9-EB-WP-05 Progress Report on the Development of a Seabird Identification Guide for use by tRFMOs
Beck N.[1], Y. Inoue [2], H Minami [2], and W. Papworth [1]
SC9-EB-WP-06 A progress report on the shark research plan
Harley, S., J. Rice and P. Williams
SC9-EB-WP-07 Summary of Research Activities and Results of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s (ISSF) Second Bycatch Project Cruise WCPO-2 in the Western Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO)
Muir, J [1], J. Filmalter [2], F. Forget [2], L. Dagorn [2], K. Holland [1], and V. Restrepo [3]
SC9-EB-WP-08 Towards an Integrated Shark Conservation and Management Measure for the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
Clarke, S.
SC9-EB-WP-09 Electronic Monitoring of Seabird Bycatch
Papworth, W.
SC9-EB-WP-10 Physical and psychological deterrence strategies to mitigate odontocete by-catch and depredation in pelagic longline fisheries: progress report
Hamer, D. and S. J. Childerhouse
SC9-EB-WP-11 At-sea experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of multiple mitigation measures on pelagic longline operations in western north pacific Rev 1 (1 Aug 2013)
Daisuke Ochi [1], Noriyosi Sato [1], Nobuhiro Katsumata [1], Troy J. Guy [2], Edward F. Melvin [2] and Hiroshi Minami [1]
SC9-EB-WP-12 Fishery interactions and post-release survival rates of silky sharks caught in purse seine fishing gear
Melanie Hutchinson [1], D. Itano [2], J. Muir [1,2,3] B. Leroy [4], and K. Holland [1]
SC9-EB-WP-13 Depth distribution for both target species and bycatches of longline fisheries in Solomon Islands: A case study based on an observation program
Wang Zhenhua, Dai Xiaojie, Zhu Jiangfeng, Wang Xuefang, Zheng Xiaochun
SC9-EB-WP-14 Overlap between WCPFC longline fishing effort and albatross distribution in the North Pacific
Baird, K. [1], M. Dias [2], C. Small [3], S. Shaffer [4], R. Suryan [5], D. Anderson [6],

M. Kappes [5] and G. R. Balogh [7]
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-RP-JTF-01 Japan Trust Fund Status Report (2013)
SC9-RP-JTF-02 Japan Trust Fund Steering Committee Report
SC9-RP-PTTP-01 PTTP Progress Report Rev 1 (8 August 2013)
SC9-RP-PTTP-02 Report of the PTTP Steering Committee
SC9-RP-PTTP-03 Species Specific Vertical Habitat Utilisation by Tunas in the Tropical WCPO
Scutt-Phillips J. [1][2], T. Patterson [3], G. Pilling [1] S. Hoyle [1], B. Leroy [1], S. Nicol [1].
SC9-RP-WPEA-01 Steering Committee of the WPEA Project
SC9-RP-WPEA-02 Summary Report on 2012-2013 WPEA Project Activities
SC9-RP-WPEA-03 Financial Statement of the WPEA Project
SC9-RP-WPEA-04 WPEA Project: Progress Report – Indonesia
SC9-RP-WPEA-05 WPEA Project: Progress Report – Philippines
SC9-RP-WPEA-06 WPEA Project: Progress Report – Vietnam
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC9-AR-CCM-01 Australia
SC9-AR-CCM-02 Canada
SC9-AR-CCM-03 China
SC9-AR-CCM-04 Cook Islands Rev 1 (19 September 2013)
SC9-AR-CCM-05 European Union
SC9-AR-CCM-06 Federated States of Micronesia
SC9-AR-CCM-07 Fiji Rev 1 (7 August 2013)
SC9-AR-CCM-08 French Polynesia
SC9-AR-CCM-09 Japan
SC9-AR-CCM-10 Kiribati
SC9-AR-CCM-11 Korea
SC9-AR-CCM-12 Marshall Islands
SC9-AR-CCM-13 Nauru
SC9-AR-CCM-14 New Caledonia
SC9-AR-CCM-15 New Zealand
SC9-AR-CCM-16 Niue
SC9-AR-CCM-17 Palau
SC9-AR-CCM-18 Papua New Guinea
SC9-AR-CCM-19 Philippines
SC9-AR-CCM-20 Samoa
SC9-AR-CCM-21 Solomon Islands
SC9-AR-CCM-22 Chinese Taipei
SC9-AR-CCM-23 Tokelau
SC9-AR-CCM-24 Tonga Rev 1 (26 July 2013)
SC9-AR-CCM-25 Tuvalu
SC9-AR-CCM-26 United States of America (rev - 10May2014)
SC9-AR-CCM-27 Vanuatu Rev 2 (14 August 2013)
SC9-AR-CCM-28 Wallis and Futuna
SC9-AR-CNM-29 Belize
SC9-AR-CNM-30 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
SC9-AR-CNM-31 Ecuador
SC9-AR-CNM-32 El Salvador (Rev.1 - 07Jul2013)
SC9-AR-CNM-33 Indonesia
SC9-AR-CNM-34 Mexico
SC9-AR-CNM-35 Panama
SC9-AR-CNM-36 St. Kitts and Nevis
SC9-AR-CNM-37 Senegal
SC9-AR-CNM-38 Thailand
SC9-AR-CNM-39 Viet Nam

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