11th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee

Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
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Not provisional
Working Papers
Information Papers
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SC11-ST-IP-01 Estimates of annual catches in the WCPFC Statistical Area.
SC11-ST-IP-02 Status of observer data management Rev 1 (28 July 2015)
Williams, P. I. Tuiloma and C. Falasi
SC11-ST-IP-03 Report of the Tuna RFMO Expert Working Group: Harmonisation of Longline Bycatch Data Collected by Tuna RFMOs.
ISSF Technical Report.
SC11-ST-IP-04 Purse Seine Fishing Activity in PNA Waters Rev 1 (25 July 2015)
Sangaalofa Clark
SC11-ST-IP-05 Marine pollution originating from purse seine fishing vessel operations in the Western and Central Pacific region, 2004-2014
Richardson, K., A. Talouli, M. Donoghue and D. Haynes
SC11-ST-IP-06 Group Seine Operations of Philippine Flagged Vessels in High Seas Pocket 1 (HSP1)
Ramiscal, R.V., A. C. Dickson, I. Tanangonan, M. Demo-os, and J. Jara

SC11-ST-IP-07 Pilot Test of MARLIN (Electronic Logsheet) Operation in High Seas Pocket 1
Dickson, A. C.[1],M. Demo-os[1], I. Tanangonan[1], J. A. Jara[1] and R. V.Ramiscal[2]

SC11-ST-IP-08 The bigeye tuna catch composition estimation of Taiwanese purse seine fishery Rev 1 (31 July 2015)
Ren-Fen Wu
SC11-ST-IP-09 Feedback on Purse Seine Species Composition Sampling
Working Papers
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SC11-SA-WP-01 Project 35: Bigeye Biology & WCPFC Tuna Tissue Bank
Nicol, S.[1], J. Farley[2], B. Muller[3], C.Sanchez[1], F. Roupsard[1], N. Tavaga[4], B. Phillips[5], T. Usu[6], and K. Sisior[7]
SC11-SA-WP-02 Longline CPUE indices for bigeye tuna based on the analysis of Pacific-wide operational catch and effort data
McKechnie, S., L Tremblay-Boyer, and S J Harley

SC11-SA-WP-03 Sensitivity of the WCPO bigeye tuna stock assessment results to the inclusion of EPO dynamics within a Pacific-wide model
McKechnie, S., J. Hampton, F. Abascal, N. Davies, and S. J. Harley

SC11-SA-WP-04 Short-term stochastic projections for skipjack, yellowfin, and bigeye tunas.
Scott, R., G. Pilling and S. Harley.
SC11-SA-WP-05 Examination of trends in abundance of skipjack tuna with an emphasis on temperate waters
Pilling, G.[1], L. Tremblay-Boyer[1], K. Bigelow[2], S. Harley[1], H. Kiyofuji[3], S. Nicol[1], J. Rice[4] and I. Senina[5]
SC11-SA-WP-06 Stock assessment for south Pacific albacore tuna. Rev 1 (4 August 2015)
Harley, S. J[1], N. Davies[2], L Tremblay-Boyer[1], John Hampton[1] , and S McKechnie[1]
SC11-SA-WP-07 Continued use of longline operational-level data provided by fishing nations to support WCPFC stock assessments
Oceanic Fisheries Programme, SPC
SC11-SA-WP-08 Indicator-based analysis of the status of shortfin mako shark in the North Pacific ocean.
SC11-SA-WP-09 ISC Shark Working group and Information Papers on Blue Shark
DiNardo[1] and S. Kohn [2]
SC11-SA-WP-10 Stock assessment update for striped marlin (Kajikia audax) in the western and central North Pacific Ocean through 2013.
ISC Billfish Working Group.
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC11-SA-IP-01 Developments in the MULTIFAN-CL Software 2014-15 Rev 1 (30 July 2015)
Davies, N.[3], D. Fournier[2], F. Bouyé[1], J. Hampton[1] and S. Harley[1]

SC11-SA-IP-02 Report of the Workshop on Operational Longline Data

SC11-SA-IP-03 Standardized CPUE for south Pacific albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) from operational longline data
Tremblay-Boyer, L., S. McKechnie, and S. J. Harley

SC11-SA-IP-04 The influence of catch rate on fishing effort – an investigation using south Pacific albacore as an example
Brouwer, S., S. Harley, and G. Pilling.
SC11-SA-IP-05 Placeholder
SC11-SA-IP-06 Analysis of longline length frequency compositions for South Pacific albacore tuna.
Scott, R. and S. McKechie.
SC11-SA-IP-07 Spatial structure for the south Pacific albacore assessment including regional weights.
Tremblay-Boyer, L. S. McKechnie and S. Harley
SC11-SA-IP-08 Implementing the recommendations from the bigeye tuna assessment review
Harley, S[1]. N. Davies[2] and J. Hampton[1]
SC11-SA-IP-09 Recent status of coastal skipjack in Japan and long-term abundance trend estimated from the operational coastal troll fisheries logbook.
Kiyofuji, H[1]., K. Kobayashi[2], Y. Kobayashi[1], H. Ashida[2] and K. Satoh[1].
SC11-SA-IP-10 Revisiting the spatial and seasonal distribution of tropical tuna larvae and their potential spawning areas in the western central Pacific Ocean.
Kiyofuji, H., H. Ashida, and K. Satoh.
SC11-SA-IP-11 Distinct yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) stocks detected in Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) using DNA microsatellites.
Aguila, R., S. Perez, B. Catacutan, G. Lopez, N. Barut and M. Santos.
SC11-SA-IP-12 Project 71 Progress Report South Pacific swordfish biology: age, growth and maturity
Jessica Farley and Naomi Clear

Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC11-MI-WP-01 Harvest strategy for key tuna species in the WCPO – draft workplan
SC11-MI-WP-02 Draft conservation and management measure on a target reference point for WCPO skipjack tuna.
Parties to the Nauru Agreement
SC11-MI-WP-03 Trends in Economic Conditions in the Southern Longline Fishery (Rev.01 - 02Aug2015)
Reid C.[1] and J. Raubani[2]
SC11-MI-WP-04 Compatibility and consequences of alternative potential Target Reference Points for the south Pacific albacore stock.
Graham Pilling[1] , Chris Reid[2], Shelton Harley[1] and John Hampton[1]
SC11-MI-WP-05 Relative impacts of FAD and free school fishing on skipjack tuna. Paper reformatted (30 July 2015)
Hampton, J. and G. Pilling.
SC11-MI-WP-06 Examining productivity changes within the tropical WCPO purse seine fishery
Tidd, A., G. Pilling and S. Harley

SC11-MI-WP-07 Examination of purse-seine catches of bigeye.
Harley, S., L. Tremblay-Boyer, P. Williams, G. Pilling, and J. Hampton

SC11-MI-WP-08 Placeholder
SC11-MI-WP-09 An impact of purse seine fishery for yellowfin tuna stock. Rev 1 (30 July 2015)
Ijima, H. and Satoh K.
SC11-MI-WP-10 Estimating potential tropical purse seine fleet sizes given existing effort limits and candidate target stock levels
Pilling, G. and S. Harley
Information Papers
Working Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC11-EB-WP-01 Draft Shark Research Plan: 2016-2020 Rev 1 [17 August 2015]
Brouwer, S. and S. Harley
SC11-EB-WP-02 Monte Carlo simulation modelling of possible measures to reduce impacts of longlining on oceanic whitetip and silky sharks Rev 2 (30 July 2015)
Harley, S., B. Caneco, C. Donovan, L. Tremblay-Boyer and S. Brouwer.
SC11-EB-WP-03 Understanding and mitigating impacts to whale sharks in purse seine fisheries of the western and central Pacific Ocean - Rev1 (22 July 2015)
Clarke, S.
SC11-EB-WP-04 Analysis of stock status and related indicators for key shark species of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Rev 1 (29 July 2015)
Rice, J[1]. L. Tremblay-Boyer[2], R. Scott[2], S. Hare[2] and A. Tidd[2]

SC11-EB-WP-05 Analysis of sea turtle mitigation measure effectiveness in tuna longline fisheries.
Clarke, S.[1], S. Nicol [2] and Y. Swimmer [3]
SC11-EB-WP-06_rev1 Proposal for a Bycatch Data Exchange Protocol (BDEP) amongst the t-RFMOs (Rev 1)
Clarke, S [1]., S. Nicol [2] and P. Williams [2]
SC11-EB-WP-07 Project 46: Monitoring the pelagic ecosystem effects of different levels of fishing effort on the WPO warm pool
Allain, V.[1], S. Griffiths[2], J. Bell[1] and S. Nicol[1]
SC11-EB-WP-08 Changes to Shark Reporting and Data Gaps Assessment Processes
S. Clarke[1], L. Manarangi-Trott[2] and P. Williams[3]
SC11-EB-WP-09 The overlap of threatened seabirds with reported bycatch areas between 25o and 30o South in the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Area.
Baird K. {1}, C Small{1}, E. Bell [2], K. Walker[3], G. Elliot[3], D. Nicholls[4], R. Alderman[5], P. Scofield[6], L. Depp[7], B. Thomas[8] and M. P. Dias[1].

SC11-EB-WP-10 At-sea experiment to develop the mitigation measures of seabirds for small longline vessels in the western North Pacific
Katsumata, N., D. Ochi, H. Matsunaga, Y. Inoue and H. Minami
SC11-EB-WP-10 Rev 1 (11 August 2015) At-sea experiment to develop the mitigation measures of seabirds for small longline vessels in the western North Pacific Rev 1 (11 August 2015)
Katsumata, N., D. Ochi, H. Matsunaga, Y. Inoue and H. Minami
Information Papers
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC11-EB-IP-01 SEAPODYM application for yellow tuna in the Pacific Ocean
Senina, I.[1], P. Lehodey[1], B. Calmettes[1], S. Nicol[2], S. Caillot[2], J. Hampton[2] and P. Williams[2]

SC11-EB-IP-02 Annual WCPFC Report: Joint Tuna RFMO Bycatch Technical Working Group
Nicol, S

SC11-EB-IP-03 Estimation of fin ratios and dressed weight conversion factors for selected shark species
Francis, M.P.
SC11-EB-IP-04 Application of molecular technologies to monitor the ecosystem of the WCPO
Gleeson, D., E. Furlan, E. Vourey, M. Bunce, M. Stat, V. Allain and S. Nicol.
SC11-EB-IP-05 Changes to WCPFC longline observer bycatch data: Proposals in response to a minimum suite of harmonized fields for tuna RFMOs. Rev 1 (28 july 2015)
Gilman, E[1]. and S.Clarke[2]

SC11-EB-IP-06 Update on the ABNJ (Common Oceans) tuna project’s shark and bycatch components.
Clarke, S [1]. and S. Nicol [2]

SC11-EB-IP-07 Redevelopment of the Bycatch Information Management System (BMIS)
Fitzsimmons, L.[1], S. Clarke[2], S. Caillot[1] and S. Nicol[1].
SC11-EB-IP-08 Processed form of blue shark (Prionace glauca) caught by Japanese longline fisheries with the estimation of conversion factor from processed weight to round weight.
Yasuko Semba, Hiroaki Okamoto, Ko Shiozaki and Yuki Fujinami
SC11-EB-IP-09 Progress of the development of the DNA identification for the southern albatross bycatch in longline fishery Rev. 1 (30 July 2015)
Inoue, Y[1]., R. Alderman[2], M. Taguchi[1], K. Sakuma[1], T. Kitamura[3], R. Philips[4], T. Burg[5], C. Small[6], M. Sato[6], W. Papworth[7] and H. Minami[1]
SC11-EB-IP-10 Project Update on Deployment Plan for Whale Shark Post-Release Mortality Tags
NOAA Fisheries-USA, SPC-OFP, NFA-PNG and WCPFC Secretariat-ABNJ
SC11-EB-IP-11 System of verification of the code of good practices on board European tuna purse seiners and preliminary results for the Atlantic Ocean
Goñi N.[1], J. Ruiz[2], H. Murua[1], J. Santiago[2], I. Krug[2], B. Sotillo de Olano[3], A. González de Zarate[4], G. Moreno[1] and J. Murua[2]

SC11-EB-IP-12 Indicator based analysis of the status of New Zealand blue, mako and porbeagle sharks
Francis, M.P., S.C. Clarke, L.H. Griggs, and S.D. Hoyle.
SC11-EB-IP-13 Report of the Pacific shark life history expert panel workshop, 28-30 April 2015
Clarke, S[1]., R. Coelho[2], M. Francis[3], M. Kai[4], S. Kohin[5], K.M. Liu[6], C. Simpfendorfer[7], J. Tovar-Avila[8], C. Rigby[7] and J. Smart[8]
SC11-EB-IP-14 Management Plan for Longline Fisheries Targeting Sharks Rev 1 (31 July 2015)

SC11-EB-IP-15 Management Plan for Shark Longliners in the WCPO
Chinese Taipei
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC11-AR-CCM-01 Australia
SC11-AR-CCM-02 Canada
SC11-AR-CCM-03 China
SC11-AR-CCM-04 Cook Islands
SC11-AR-CCM-05 European Union
SC11-AR-CCM-06 Federated States of Micronesia Rev1 (27 July 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-07 Fiji - Rev.01 (11Sep2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-08 French Polynesia
SC11-AR-CCM-09 Indonesia
SC11-AR-CCM-10 Japan Rev 1 (31 July 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-11 Kiribati Rev 1 (20 July 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-12 Korea Rev 2 (30 August 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-13 Marshall Islands
SC11-AR-CCM-14 Nauru
SC11-AR-CCM-15 New Caledonia
SC11-AR-CCM-16 New Zealand
SC11-AR-CCM-17 Niue Rev 1
SC11-AR-CCM-18 Palau Rev 1 (4 August 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-19 Papua New Guinea
SC11-AR-CCM-20 Philippines Rev 1 (28 September 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-21 Samoa
SC11-AR-CCM-22 Solomon Islands Rev1 (23 October 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-23 Chinese Taipei Rev1 (3 November 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-24 Tokelau
SC11-AR-CCM-25 Tonga
SC11-AR-CCM-26 Tuvalu Rev 1 (29 July 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-27 United States of America rev 1 (31 July 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-28 Vanuatu Rev1 (8 August 2015)
SC11-AR-CCM-29 Wallis and Futuna
SC11-AR-CNM-30 Ecuador
SC11-AR-CNM-31 El Salvador
SC11-AR-CNM-33 Mexico
SC11-AR-CNM-34 Panama
SC11-AR-CNM-35 Thailand
SC11-AR-CNM-36 Vietnam
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SC11-RP-JTF-01 Japan Trust Fund Status Report (2015)
SC11-RP-PTTP-01 PTTP Steering Committee Report
SC11-RP-PTTP-02 Pacific Tuna Tagging Project Report and Workplan for 2015-2016
SC11-RP-WPEA-01 WPEA Project progress report

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