11th Regular Session of the Commission

Faleata Sports Complex, Apia, Samoa
Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC11-2014-01 (Rev 2) WCPFC11 Meeting Notice (Rev 2)
WCPFC11-2014-02A Agenda and Indicative Schedule
WCPFC11-2014-02a_rev2 Agenda and indicative schedule Thur Fri 2014 rev 2
WCPFC11-2014-02_rev4 Provisional Agenda for WCPFC11 - revision 4
WCPFC11-2014-03_rev4 Provisional Annotated Agenda for WCPFC11 - revision 4
WCPFC11-2014-04 List of Documents
WCPFC11-2014-05 - revision 2 Head of Delegation Provisional Agenda - revision 2
WCPFC11-2014-06 Status of the Convention
WCPFC11-2014-07_rev1 List of Observers (rev1)
WCPFC11-2014-08 Applications for CNM status for 2015
WCPFC11-2014-09 Report from the Executive Director on the work of the Commission in 2014
WCPFC11-2014-10 Summary from Annual Report Part 2 of annual reports of CMM 2013-07 paragraph 19 - available on secure CCM side only (see AR Pt 2 2014 page)
WCPFC11-2014-11_rev1 Report from Chair on Implementation of CMM 2013-06 and Disproportionate Burden Workshop
WCPFC11-2014-12a rev1 Report of Management Objectives Workshop 3 Rev 2 (3 December 2014)
Ian Cartwright
WCPFC11-2014-12b Draft Proposed work plan to progress WCPFC consideration of management framework as proposed by MOW3
WCPFC11-2014-13 Outstanding issues and requirements for for 2014 and WCPFC11 in CMM 2013-01, with draft TOR for FAD Management Option Working Group
WCPFC11-2014-13_Att 2 FAD Marking and Management Discussion Paper (PARA 38 of CMM 2013-01) – previously posted as TCC10-2014-19
WCPFC11-2014-14_rev2 Summary of reporting received by WCPFC related to CMM 2013-01 (update of TCC10-2014-IP07) - revision 2
WCPFC11-2014-15 SPC-OFP Evaluation of CMM 2013-01
WCPFC11-2014-16 SC10 Summary Report (Adopted-14Aug2014) - Final (25Nov2017)
WCPFC11-2014-16a Process for developing the WCPFC Scientific Committee Report - a proposal from SC Chair and SC Convenors
WCPFC11-2014-16b_rev1 Highlighted Executive Summary of SC10 Summary Report
WCPFC11-2014-17 NC10 Summary Report (Edited Version) - 17Nov2014
WCPFC11-2014-18 NC10 Recommended Proposal for CMM on multiannual rebuilding plan on Pacific Bluefin
WCPFC11-2014-19 TCC10 Summary Report - Final_revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-19a Draft Conservation and Management Measure for Compliance Monitoring Scheme - from Chair of Small Working Group on CMS (from TCC10)
WCPFC11-2014-19b A tier scoring system for compliance with the provision of scientific data to the commission
WCPFC11-2014-20 Electronic Monitoring and Electronic Reporting Working Group draft TOR
WCPFC11-2014-21_rev1 Revised Port Coordinators Proposal - joint proposal from Secretariat and NORMA (FSM) - revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-22 Revised proposal to amend RFV SSPs (CMM 2013-03) with explanatory cover note - Secretariat
WCPFC11-2014-22 Suppl.A Supplement A to WCPFC11-2014-22 providing current version of Secretariat maintained RFV Port Code List (supporting document for proposal to revise RFV SSPs)_as at 22 Nov 2014
WCPFC11-2014-23 Finance and Administration Committee (FAC 8) Summary Report
WCPFC11-2014-25_rev1 Report to WCPFC on Progress of the Project Sustainable Management of Tuna Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation in the ABNJ
WCPFC11-2014-26 Additional CMR Process recommendation from Tuesday 2nd Dec 2014
WCPFC11-2014-28 CNM Small Working Group Report - 2014
WCPFC11-2014-29 List of obligations for CMR review in 2015
WCPFC11-2014-30_rev1 FAD Working Group Terms of Reference rev1
WCPFC11-2014-31 CMS Issues and Recommendations
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC11-2014-DP01 United States: Revisions to CMM 2012-07 Conservation and Management Measure to Mitigate Impacts of Fishing on Seabirds
WCPFC11-2014-DP02_rev1 United States: Revisions to CMM 2011-02 Conservation and Management Measure for Commission VMS rev1
WCPFC11-2014-DP03_rev1 FFA Members: Proposal for Shark Conservation and Management Measure - revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-DP03_rev3 FFA Members: Proposal for Shark Conservation and Management Measure - revision 3
WCPFC11-2014-DP04 FFA Members: Proposal for Port States Measures CMM
WCPFC11-2014-DP05 FFA Members: Proposal for replacement CMM for South Pacific Albacore
WCPFC11-2014-DP05 addendum Addendum to DP5 - Explanatory note on the Tokelau Agreement
WCPFC11-2014-DP06 FFA Members: Proposal for CMM on Provision of Operational level catch and effort data
WCPFC11-2014-DP07 FFA Members: Proposal for amendment to CMM for Regional Observer Programme (CMM 2007-01)
WCPFC11-2014-DP08 FFA Members: Strengthening CMM 2013-01 Conservation and Management Measure for Bigeye, Yellowfin and Skipjack
WCPFC11-2014-DP09_rev5 FFA members:Proposal for a Conservation and Management Measure to develop and implement a harvest strategy approach for key tuna species in the WCPO - revision 5
WCPFC11-2014-DP10 FFA Members: Comments on the Compliance Monitoring Scheme
WCPFC11-2014-DP11 PNA Members and Tokelau: Proposal for CMM on bigeye, yellowfin and skipjack tuna in WCPO
WCPFC11-2014-DP12 PNA Members and Tokelau: Proposal for CMM Target Reference Point for Skipjack tuna
WCPFC11-2014-DP13 Japan draft conservation and management measure on a target reference point for skipjack tuna
WCPFC11-2014-DP14 {placeholder}
WCPFC11-2014-DP15 Japan's comments on PNA members and Tokelau proposal for CMM for bigeye, yellowfin and skipjack tuna in the WCPO
WCPFC11-2014-DP16 Proposal by Japan on the Joint Reduction Plan of Purse Seine Fishing Capacity in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Convention Area
WCPFC11-2014-DP17_rev1 EU Proposal for a Conservation and Management Measure for Sharks caught in association with fisheries managed by WCPFC - rev1
WCPFC11-2014-DP18 EU Proposal for CMM on Fisheries and Access Agreements Information
WCPFC11-2014-DP19 Report of the European Union on Article 30 of the Convention and Resolution 2008-01 of WCPFC
European Union
WCPFC11-2014-DP20 Rev2 FFA member delegation paper on areas for assistance for SIDS - rev2
WCPFC11-2014-DP21 FFA members - impact of data gaps on the Commissions compliance work
WCPFC11-2014-DP22 Status report on the operation of Philippine flagged group seine vessels operating in High Seas Pocket 1
WCPFC11-2014-DP23 Proposal on CMS assessments of Small Island States and Territories
WCPFC11-2014-DP24 Comments on FFA members proposal for a CMM to develop and implement a harvest strategy in the WCPO - by Japan and Indonesia
WCPFC11-2014-DP25_rev1 Agreed text for tropical tuna measure amongst some CCMs - revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-DP26 Japan proposal on SKJ TRIP
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC11-2014-IP01 Summary of Charter Notifications under CMM 2012-05 paragraph 6
WCPFC11-2014-IP02_rev3 Information Paper: Data summaries in support of discussions on the CMM on Tropical Tunas ( CMM 2013-01) - revision 3
WCPFC11-2014-IP03 6th Annual Report of the Regional Observer Programme (WCPFC-TCC10-2014-RP02) (CMM 2007-01 para 3), with synopsis of ROP-related TCC10 recommendations
WCPFC11-2014-IP04 E-Monitoring and E-reporting workshop report (WCPFC-TCC10-2014-15)
WCPFC11-2014-IP05 Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS) Intersessional Working Group 2014 - Chairs Report (WCPFC-TCC10-2014-17)
WCPFC11-2014-IP06_rev1 Trends in the South Pacific Albacore Longline and Troll Fisheries (WCPFC-TCC10-2014-IP09) - revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-IP07 Performance Review of the Commission (WCPFC Circular 2013-128)
WCPFC11-2014-IP08 Draft Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016 (WCPFC10-2013-24)
WCPFC11-2014-IP09 Ad Hoc Task Group [data] - outstanding matters
WCPFC11-2014-IP10 Nomenclature for Commission Decision (Attachment M, WCPFC2 Summary Report)
WCPFC11-2014-IP11 Information Paper related to recruitment of a new Executive Director
WCPFC11-2014-IP12 WPEA Project Document (Sustainable Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the West Pacific and East Asian Seas)
WCPFC11-2014-IP13_rev1 Kobe questionnaire with request for CCM comments
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-01_rev2 Provisional Agenda revision 2
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-02_rev2 Provisional Annotated Agenda revision 2
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-03_rev2 Indicative Schedule revision 2
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-04 Auditor’s Report for 2013 and General Account Fund Financial Statements for 2013
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-05_rev2 Report on General Account Fund Contributions and Other Income for 2014 revision 2
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-06_rev1 Report on the Status of Other Funds for 2014 revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-07_rev1 Recommended Requirements for Hosting the Scientific Committee or Annual Commission Meetings of the WCPFC revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-08 Headquarters Matters
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-09 Established Indices for Professional Staff Salary Adjustments
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-11-rev1 Chairs Responsibilities Outside of the Convention and Rules of Procedure revision 1
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-12 Fiduciary Assessment
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-13 Executive Director Recruitment Matters Seeking Guidance From FAC
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-14 TCC Workplan and Budget
WCPFC11-2014-FAC8-15_rev1 Proposed Budget for the Commission’s Work Programme For 2015 and Indicative Budgets for 2016 and 2017 revision 1
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC11-2014-OP01 ISSF Position Paper to WCPFC11
Paper submitted by ISSF
WCPFC11-2014-OP02 A Review of the Provision of Scientific Advice in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP03 International Observer Bill of Rights
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP04 Code of conduct for responsible observer programmes - stakeholder responsibilities
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP05 Code of conduct for responsible observer programmes - observer health and safety
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP06 WWF MCS Emerging Technologies Workshop (MCS) Summary
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP07 WWF MCS Emerging Technologies Initial cost-benefit analysis study
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP08 Fishing with Limits Overview 2.0
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP09_rev1 Final TRP CMM Factsheet
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP10 WWF WCPFC11 Position Statement 2014
Paper submitted by WWF
WCPFC11-2014-OP11 Greenpeace - Briefing paper to WCPFC11
WCPFC11-2014-OP12 Briefing Paper to WCPFC11 - PEW Charitable Trusts
PEW Charitable Trusts
WCPFC11-2014-OP13 Letter to WCPFC on Transparency
from WWF, ISSF, Greenpeace, PEW Charitable Trusts, Birdlife International
WCPFC11-2014-OP14_rev1 Letter to WCPFC on Operational Level catch and effort data - revision 1
from IUCN, ISSF, Monteray Bay Aquarium, American Research Fishermens Association, Western Fish Boatowners Association, American Tuna Boat Association, Hawaii Longline Association, Fish Wise, New England Aquarium, PEW Charitable Trusts, WWF, Sustainable Fish Partnerships and Fiji Boatowners Association
WCPFC11-2014-OP15 International Game Fish Association Position Statement to WCPFC11
International Game Fish Association
WCPFC11-2014-OP16 El Salvador - Declaration to reaffirming interest in becoming a Member to the WCPFC
WCPFC11-2014-OP17 Statement to the 11th Session of the WCPFC by the SPREP

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