17th Regular Session of the Northern Committee

Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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The NC17 will meet using the Zoom platform for three (3) hours per meeting day with a start time of 8:00am Japan Standard time (UTC+9).

For a list of corresponding times at various world locations - see timeanddate.com.

IATTC-NC JWG-06 meeting information is available from the JWG-06 meeting page

Download Meeting Documents*6 Dec 2021ZIP - 24.44 MB
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-NC17-2021/01 Notice of meeting and meeting arrangements
WCPFC-NC17-2021/02 Provisional agenda
NC Chair
WCPFC-NC17-2021/03 Provisional annotated agenda (6July2021)
NC Chair
WCPFC-NC17-2021/04 Virtual Meeting Protocols (Trial Zoom Session on Friday, 1st Oct)

* Secure documents are not included in the zip file