12th Regular Session of the Commission

Stones Hotel, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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02 December 2015:

  • 9th Finance and Administration Committee (FAC9)
  • Heads of Delegation (HOD) for WCPFC12
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Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC Circular 2015-61 WCPFC12 Meeting Notice
WCPFC12-2015-02B Provisional Annotated Agenda
WCPFC12-2015-02C_rev1 WCPFC12 Indicative Schedule revision 1_as at 2 Dec 2015 1816
WCPFC12-2015-02D_rev1 Indicative Schedule - Day 4 and 5 rev1
WCPFC12-2015-02E Indicative schedule and list of outstanding items for Day5
WCPFC12-2015-02_rev2 Provisional Agenda - revision 2
WCPFC12-2015-03 Provisional Heads of Delegation Agenda
WCPFC12-2015-04_rev1 List of documents as at 2 Dec 2015 1910 - rev 1
WCPFC12-2015-05 Report on the Status of the Convention
New Zealand
WCPFC12-2015-06 Report of the Executive Director
WCPFC12-2015-07 List of observers
WCPFC12-2015-08 Applications for CNM status for 2016
WCPFC12-2015-09 List of proposals for introduction under Agenda 5
WCPFC12-2015-09B Points of contact for proposals that were introduced under Agenda 5
WCPFC12-2015-10_rev2 WCPFC IUU list for 2016
WCPFC12-2015-11 Supporting paper for observer safety discussions
WCPFC12-2015-12_rev1 Evaluation of CMM 2014-01 for bigeye tuna - revision 1
WCPFC12-2015-13 Reference document for review of CMM 2014-01
WCPFC12-2015-14 Trends in South Pacific Albacore Longline and Troll Fisheries
WCPFC12-2015-14a supporting file a - Trends in south pacific albacore fisheries
WCPFC12-2015-14b supporting file b - Trends in south pacific albacore fisheries
WCPFC12-2015-15 Reference document for review of CMM 2010-05
WCPFC12-2015-16 Reference document for review of bycatch mitigation CMM reviews
WCPFC12-2015-17a SC11 Summary Report (adopted version) - 19Oct2015
WCPFC12-2015-17b Synopsis of SC11 Summary Report
WCPFC12-2015-18 {placeholder} NC11 Summary Report
WCPFC12-2015-19 TCC11 Summary Report - final
WCPFC12-2015-19b Notes from Secretariat on TCC11 recommendations and tasks
WCPFC12-2015-19c 2015 CDS IWG 2 Report (WCPFC-TCC11-2015-21)
WCPFC12-2015-19d Report of Electronic Reporting and Electronic Monitoring Intersessional Working Group (WCPFC-TCC11-2015-20)
WCPFC12-2015-19e Summary Report of TCC Special Session 2015 (this version excludes Att B)
Attachment B accessible through secure CCM section only
WCPFC12-2015-19f Recommended changes to the Regional Observer Programme (ROP) Minimum Data Standards and Fields (TCC11 Summary Report Att. E)
WCPFC12-2015-19g_rev1 List of obligations to be assessed by paragraphs and section, based on agreed DP20_rev2
WCPFC12-2015-20_rev5 Proposal on Conservation and Management Measure for Compliance Monitoring Scheme_rev5
TCC Vice-Chair
WCPFC12-2015-21 Report of IWG-ROP4 (WCPFC-TCC11-2015-17)
WCPFC12-2015-21a Proposed revisions to CMM 2009-06 - carrier notification of intent to transship
WCPFC12-2015-21b IWG-ROP pre-notification process for alleged infringements
WCPFC12-2015-22_rev3 Summary Report of First meeting of FAD Management Options Intersessional Working Group rev3
WCPFC12-2015-23 Harvest Strategy Workshop Summary Report
Ian Cartwright
WCPFC12-2015-24 Report of the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC9)
WCPFC12-2015-25 Review of the WCPFC Planning Framework
WCPFC12-2015-26 Update on ABNJ- GEF
WCPFC12-2015-27 Update on WPEA-GEF Project (Full Attachments) / Update on WPEA-GEF Project (Main Attachments)
WCPFC12-2015-28_rev1 Proposed Revisions to CMM 2014-01 - rev1
WCPFC12-2015-29 Update on Commission VMS
WCPFC12-2015-30_rev1 Draft WCFPC12 Outcomes as at 18 December 2015
WCPFC12-2015-31 WCPFC12-2015-31 Draft Record of the CNM SWG
WCPFC12-2015-32 Final CMR covering 2014 activities - as adopted by WCPFC12
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC12-2015-DP01 SIDS Checklist to WCPFC12
FFA members
WCPFC12-2015-DP02a Proposed amendments to CMM 2012-07 Seabirds - Explanatory note and application of CMM 2013-06
WCPFC12-2015-DP02b_rev1 Draft CMM to Mitigate the Impact of Fishing for Highly Migratory Fish Stocks on Seabirds
WCPFC12-2015-DP03_rev2 Proposal for establishing a target reference point for south Pacific Albacore
FFA Members
WCPFC12-2015-DP04-rev3 Proposal for revision to CMM 2010-05 (south Pacific albacore) to address the advice of SC11 and TCC11 rev3
FFA Members and Japan
WCPFC12-2015-DP05 Proposal for management of enclosed and semi-enclosed high seas areas
FFA Members
WCPFC12-2015-DP06_rev3 Proposal for Target Reference Point for Skipjack Tuna Rev 3
FFA Members and Japan
WCPFC12-2015-DP07 Strengthening of CMM 2014-01 for bigeye, yellowfin and skipjack tuna
FFA Members
WCPFC12-2015-DP08 Views on Compliance Monitoring Scheme
FFA Members
WCPFC12-2015-DP09_rev1 Proposal for Draft Harvest Strategy Work Plan rev1
FFA Members
WCPFC12-2015-DP10 FFA proposal for enhanced port-based MCS measures
FFA members
WCPFC12-2015-DP11 FFA proposal to revise CMM 2012-07 (seabirds)
FFA Members
WCPFC12-2015-DP12 Proposed revisions to the tropical tuna measure (CMM 2014-01)
PNA members and Tokelau
WCPFC12-2015-DP13_rev1 Proposed revisions to VMS SSPs - related to ALC type approval_rev1
United States of America
WCPFC12-2015-DP14_rev1 Joint Reduction Plan of Purse Seine Fishing Capacity in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Convention Area - revision 1
WCPFC12-2015-DP15_rev1 Proposal for Target Reference Point for Skipjack Tuna - revision 1
WCPFC12-2015-DP16_rev1 Proposal for Conservation and Management Measure for Sharks rev1
European Union
WCPFC12-2015-DP17 Proposal for amendment of "Scientific Data to be Provided to the Commission" Decision
European Union
WCPFC12-2015-DP18 Proposal for Conservation and Management Measure for fisheries and access agreement information
European Union
WCPFC12-2015-DP19 Report on Article 30 of the Convention and Resolution 2008-01
European Union
WCPFC12-2015-DP20_rev2 Proposal for List of obligations to be assessed by CMR in 2016-18 - revision 2
United States of America
WCPFC12-2015-DP21_rev1 Proposal for draft TCC Workplan 2016-2018 rev1
WCPFC12-2015-DP22 Purse seine activity in PNA waters
PNA Members and Tokelau
WCPFC12-2015-DP23 Status report on the operation of Phlippines Flagged Group Seine Vessels operating in High Seas Pocket 1
WCPFC12-2015-DP24 Tuvalu opening statement for WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-DP25 Letter to the WCPFC on behalf of the three United States Participating Territories
WCPFC12-2015-DP26_rev2 Draft ToR for the development of guidelines for management plans for sharks rev2
European Union
WCPFC12-2015-DP27 Proposed Risk level for Yellowfin Tuna
New Zealand
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC12-2015-OP01 WCPFC12 Position Statement - ISSF
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP02 WCPFC12 Position Statement - WWF
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP03 WWF Position Statement - Fishing within Limits Compilation
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP04 WWF submitted paper on International Observer Bill of Rights (Association of Professional Observers)
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP05 WWF Position Statement - PNA Target Reference Point Proposed CMM
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP06 Joint letter on Harvest Control Rules and Reference Points
Various NGOs
WCPFC12-2015-OP07 IPNLF Position Statement to WCPFC12
International Pole & Line Foundation
WCPFC12-2015-OP08 Briefing Paper for WCPFC12
The PEW Charitable Trusts
WCPFC12-2015-OP09 Estimating FAD use from around the world
The PEW Charitable Trusts
WCPFC12-2015-OP10 Information ISSF Side Event for WCPFC12
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP11 ISSF submitted paper - towards acoustic discrimination of tuna species at FADs
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)
WCPFC12-2015-OP12 Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat - Statement to WCPFC12
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
WCPFC12-2015-OP13 Statement by AFRF to WCPFC12
American Fishermen’s Research Foundation
WCPFC12-2015-OP14 Paper submitted by International Environmental Law Project on Operational Level Data
International Environmental Law Project
WCPFC12-2015-OP15 Statement by IATTC Chairman to WCPFC12
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
WCPFC12-2015-OP16 Greenpeace Position Statement for WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-OP17 Liberia Opening Statement WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-OP18a SPC presentation at ISSF side event at WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-OP18b Chinese Taipei reporting system presentation at ISSF side event at WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-OP18c New Caledonia presentation at ISSF side event at WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-OP18e PNA Office presentation at ISSF side event at WCPFC12
WCPFC12-2015-OP19 Additional Information from Mexico to Support CNM Request for 2016
WCPFC12=2015-OP18d PNG presentation at ISSF side event at WCPFC12

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