2015 Catch Documentation Scheme Intersessional Working Group Meeting

Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
Download Meeting Documents*5 Jun 2021ZIP - 10.25 MB
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-TCC11-2015-21 CDS-IWG 2015 Summary Report
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-2015-CDSIWG02-DP01 Overview of CDS Developments by FFA Members
FFA Secretariat
WCPFC-2015-CDSIWG02-DP02 FFA Technical Consultation
FFA Secretariat
WCPFC-2015-CDSIWG02-DP03 Mass Balance Reconciliation
FFA Secretariat
WCPFC-2015-CDSIWG02-DP04 Development of WCPFC CDS Standards
FFA Secretariat

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