6th Regular Session of the Commission

Papeete, Tahiti
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Not provisional
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Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC6-2009/DP01 (Rev.1) USA - Draft CMM on Damage to Data Buoys by Fishing Vessels
WCPFC6-2009/DP02 (Rev.1) France - Proposal to Amend Financial Regulation 5.2(c)
WCPFC6-2009/DP03 (Rev.2) Nauru and RMI - Proposal for CMM for Transhipment
WCPFC6-2009/DP04 (Rev.2) Nauru and RMI - Proposal to Amend CMM 2004-01
WCPFC6-2009/DP05 (Rev.3) Japan - Draft Port Monitoring CMM
WCPFC6-2009/DP06 Northern Committee - Proposal to Revise CMM 2004-03 for North Pacific Albacore
WCPFC6-2009/DP07 Northern Committee - Proposal for a CMM for Pacific Bluefin Tuna
WCPFC6-2009/DP08 (Rev.2) Fiji - Draft CMM for Charter Arrangements as endorsed by TCC5
WCPFC6-2009/DP09 (Rev.1) FFA Members - Proposal to Refine CMM 2008-05 (Swordfish)
WCPFC6-2009/DP10 FFA Members - Proposal to Revise CMM 2004-01 (RFV and Authorization to Fish)
WCPFC6-2009/DP11 FFA Members - Proposal to Revise CMM 2007-03 (IUU Procedures)
WCPFC6-2009/DP12 FFA Members - Proposal for a CMM on Vessels without Nationality
WCPFC6-2009/DP13 Philippines - Proposal for Amendment to Paragraph 22 of CMM 2008-01
WCPFC6-2009/DP14 PNA Members - Draft CMM on Application of High Seas FAD Closures and Catch Retention
WCPFC6-2009/DP15 (Rev.1) USA - Draft CMM on Vessels Without Nationality
WCPFC6-2009/DP16 (Rev 1) New Zealand - Draft WCPFC CMM for the Control of Nationals (Rev 1)
WCPFC6-2009/DP17 Australia - Draft CCMM Terms of Reference Sent to WCPFC6
WCPFC6-2009/DP18 Phillipines – Additional information supporting WCPFC6- 2009/DP13 on the proposed amendments to paragraph 22 of CMM 2008-01
WCPFC6-2009/DP19 EU - Proposal for CMM on Port State Measures
WCPFC6-2009/DP20 EU - Proposal on Executive Director Selection
WCPFC6-2009/DP21 PNA - Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) Report
WCPFC6-2009/DP22 Chinese Taipei - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP23 PNA - Opening Statement (with attachment)
WCPFC6-2009/DP24 RMI/Cook Islands/Palau - Draft CMM on Aspirations of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Territories
WCPFC6-2009/DP25 Cook Islands - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP26 New Caledonia - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP27 FFA Members - Proposed Report Language
WCPFC6-2009/DP28 Tokelau - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP29 Korea - Draft CMM on Application of the FAD Closures of CMM 2008-01
WCPFC6-2009/DP30 Korea - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP31 Canada - Proposal for Kobe II Strategy Matrix
WCPFC6-2009/DP32 Papua New Guinea - Statement of Position on Areas Under National Jurisdiction
WCPFC6-2009/DP33 Canada - Draft Proposal to Establish a Process for the Review and Reporting of Compliance Information
WCPFC6-2009/DP34 USA - Proposal on the Treatment of Data under the CMM for Transhipment
WCPFC6-2009/DP35 Philippines - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP36 Tuvalu - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP37 U.S. - CNM Flowchart WCPFC6
WCPFC6-2009/DP38 Indonesia - Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP39 New Caledonia - ROP Data Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP40 Papua New Guinea - Statement
WCPFC6-2009/DP41 Papua New Guinea - Proposal for Additional High Seas Closures to Purse Seining
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC6-2009/IP01 Issues Arising from WCPFC5
WCPFC6-2009/IP02 Heads of Delegation Meeting
WCPFC6-2009/IP03 Summary of Annual Reports (Part 1 and 2) to the Commission
WCPFC6-2009/IP05 Technical Specifications for Seabird Mitigation Measures
WCPFC6-2009/IP06(Rev.1) Revised Assessment of CCMs' Compliance with CMMs requested by TCC5
WCPFC6-2009/IP07 Performance Review Proposal
WCPFC6-2009/IP08 ROP Data Administration and Management
WCPFC6-2009/IP09 (Rev.2) ROP Issues Arising from ROP-IWG3 and TCC5
WCPFC6-2009/IP10 ISC Response to Independent Review
WCPFC6-2009/IP11 Revised SOPs for Commission VMS based on Comments Received Post-TCC5
WCPFC6-2009/IP12 Information Relating to 2009 Alternative Measure for CMM 2008-01
WCPFC6-2009/IP13 Pacific Islands Countries and Territories RPOA Sharks
WCPFC6-2009/IP14 Proposed Revision for CMM 2008-06 (Sharks) - addition of Silky Shark
WCPFC6-2009/IP15 Application of Commission VMS to National Waters
WCPFC6-2009/IP16 Australia - Revised Draft Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery Sea Turtle Mitigation Plan (TMP)
WCPFC6-2009/IP17 Assessment of the Potential Implications of Application of CMM 2008-01 for Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna
WCPFC6-2009/IP18 Further Consideration of CMM 2008-01 with respect to Bigeye Tuna
WCPFC6-2009/IP19 Preliminary Report on Port Monitoring for Unloading by Japanese Purse Seiners and some suggestions for Data Collection
WCPFC6-2009/IP20 Japan Vessel Reduction Program for the implementation of CMM 2008-01
WCPFC6-2009/IP22 Japan/China/Korea/Philippines/Chinese Taipei - Comments on SPC Paper IP18 (with attachment)
WCPFC6-2009/IP23 Japan - Introduction of Artisanal Fisheries
WCPFC6-2009/IP24 Items for Consideration under Agenda Items 9.1 and 9.4
WCPFC6-2009/IP25 Annex I of CMM 2008-05 (Revised)
WCPFC6-2009/IP26 Senegal - Letter dated 10 December 2009
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
CNM Applications - Additional Information from Indonesia
Additional information from France re CMM 2007-03
WCPFC6-2009/01 Notice of Meeting
WCPFC6-2009/01(a) Notice of Meeting - Additional Information on Accommodation
WCPFC6-2009/01(b) Additional Visa Information - French Polynesia
WCPFC6-2009/01(c) Suggested Wording for Credentials
WCPFC6-2009/02 (Rev.1) Provisional Agenda
WCPFC6-2009/03(Rev.1) Provisional Annotated Agenda
WCPFC6-2009/04 (Rev.1) Provisional Schedule
WCPFC6-2009/06(Rev.9) Provisional List of Documents
WCPFC6-2009/07 Status of the Convention
WCPFC6-2009/08(Rev.1) Observers to the Commission
WCPFC6-2009/09 (Rev.1) Applications for Cooperating Non-Member Status
WCPFC6-2009/09 Suppl Participatory Rights - Previous Decisions
WCPFC6-2009/11 Independent Review of Science Structure and Function
WCPFC6-2009/15 (Rev.1) Rules and Procedures for Protection, Access to, and Dissemination of, Data Compiled by the Commission
WCPFC6-2009/17 High Seas VDS
WCPFC6-2009/19 Annual Report on the Work of the Commission
WCPFC6-2009/22 Cooperation, Consultation and Collaboration with Other RFMOs and Regional Agencies
WCPFC6-2009/23 Second Meeting of the Five Tuna RFMOs
WCPFC6-2009/24 Draft Proposal for a CMM for Pacific Striped Marlin North of the Equator
WCPFC6-2009/25 Proposed Revision to CMM 2008-02 Regarding Financial Contributions from CNMs
WCPFC6-2009/26 Draft Data Exchange Arrangement with IATTC
WCPFC6-2009/27 Summary Report of the Third Meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee
WCPFC6-2009/28 CNM Participatory Rights
WCPFC6-2009/29 Proposed Amendments to the Commission VMS SOPs
WCPFC6-2009/IP04 Communications in relation to the Commission's Provisional IUU Vessel List
WCPFC6-2009/IP21 Report on purse seine vessel increase in WCPFC area
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC6-2009/OP01(Rev.1) Greenpeace
WCPFC6-2009/OP02 WWF and TRAFFIC - Position Statement
WCPFC6-2009/OP03 WWF and TRAFFIC Briefing Note - Shark Conservation
WCPFC6-2009/OP04 Pew Environment Group - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/OP05 Greenpeace - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/OP06 Vietnam - Opening Statement
WCPFC6-2009/OP07 IATTC - Statement on Cooperation with WCPFC
WCPFC6-2009/OP08 Earth Island Institute - Statement
WCPFC6-2009/OP09 IUCN - Statement

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