5th Regular Session of the Commission

Busan, Republic of Korea
Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC5-2008-DP01 Draft CMM for Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna in the WCPO (Final Version)
WCPFC5-2008-DP02 RMI - Transhipment Verification (rev.3)
WCPFC5-2008-DP03 Proposal by the Chair of the WG - Cooperating Non Members (rev.2)
WCPFC5-2008-DP04 FFA Members - Revision CMM 2006-03 Swordfish
WCPFC5-2008-DP05 RMI - Aspirations of SIDS (rev.8)
WCPFC5-2008-DP06 USA -Proposal to revise CMM 2006-05 (rev.3)
WCPFC5-2008-DP07 USA - CMM Proposal Regarding Long Drifnets (rev.1)
WCPFC5-2008-DP08 USA -Proposal for the Conservation and Mamangement of Sea Turtles (rev.2)
WCPFC5-2008-DP09 Australia - Development of a Scheme for Monitoring Compliance
WCPFC5-2008-DP10 FFA proposed amendments to DP03
WCPFC5-2008-DP11 Proposal by China-CT-Philippines-Japan
WCPFC5-2008-DP12 Japan Comments on Bigeye CMM
WCPFC5-2008-DP13 US Views on CMM on Bigeye and Yellowfin Tunas
WCPFC5-2008-DP14 French Polynesia - Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP15 New Caledonia - Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP16 Chinese Taipei Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP17 FFA Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP18 Tokelau - Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP19 FSM - Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP20 Philippines - Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP21 Kiribati - Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP22 Comparison Rev2 and Rev3 draft CMM BET/YFT
WCPFC5-2008-DP23 TCC Issues for Consideration WCPFC5
WCPFC5-2008-DP24 Japan - Table Version of Bigeye CMM
WCPFC5-2008-DP25 CT's comment on SSPs
WCPFC5-2008-DP26 Draft Decision Points Monday 8 December 2008
WCPFC5-2008-DP27 Belize-Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-DP28 New BET CMM (para 10 to 15)
WCPFC5-2008-DP29 Draft Decision Points Tuesday 9 December 2008
WCPFC5-2008-DP30 Fiji Nomination for WCPFC Chair
WCPFC5-2008-DP32 EC Scientific Studies Sea Turtle Interactions
WCPFC5-2008-DP33 US Proposal for para 10 WCPFC5-2008-DP28
WCPFC5-2008-DP34 Korea Views on Draft CMM BET and YFT
WCPFC5-2008-DP35 Marshall Islands Statement on SIDS
WCPFC5-2008-DP36 Wed&Thu 10-11 December 2008 Decision Points
WCPFC5-2008-DP37 USA-Suggested text for draft CMM-2008-01
WCPFC5-2008-DP38 CCMM Revised ToR
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC5-2008-01 Notice of Meeting (rev. 1)
WCPFC5-2008-01 suppl Visa Information for Korea
WCPFC5-2008-01 Suppl 2 Airport arrival info and shuttle schedule
WCPFC5-2008-02 Provisional Agenda (rev. 3)
WCPFC5-2008-03 Provisional Annotated Agenda (rev. 1)
WCPFC5-2008-04 Provisional Schedule (rev. 3)
WCPFC5-2008-05 Hotel Registration form
WCPFC5-2008-06 Provisional List of Documents (rev. 6)
WCPFC5-2008-07 Status of the Convention
WCPFC5-2008-09 Observers (rev. 1)
WCPFC5-2008-11 Independent Review of Scientific Structure and Function
WCPFC5-2008-12 Reference Points
WCPFC5-2008-13 High seas and non-PNA VDS considerations
WCPFC5-2008-16 Suppl Draft SSPs and Draft FFA-WCPFC VMS SLA
WCPFC5-2008-17 Draft R&P High Seas Data
WCPFC5-2008-18 Implementation of and Compliance with CMMs
WCPFC5-2008-20 Allocations
WCPFC5-2008-21 Annual Report of the Executive Director
WCPFC5-2008-22 Summary Report and Recommendations of the 2nd Session of the Finance and Administration Committee
WCPFC5-2008-24 Cooperation with Other Ogranisations (rev. 1)
WCPFC5-2008-25 VDS Report to WCPFC5
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC5-2008-OP01 Greenpeace
WCPFC5-2008-OP02 WWF TRAFFIC Position Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP03 Indonesia Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP04 El Salvador Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP05 Ecuador Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP06 Mexico - Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP07 Senegal Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP08 Greenpeace Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP09 IGFA Position Paper
WCPFC5-2008-OP10 Senegal Levels of 2005
WCPFC5-2008-OP11 IUCN Opening Statement
WCPFC5-2008-OP12 Ecuador Application - Statement CNM Application
WCPFC5-2008-OP13 Senegal Statement 11 Dec 08
WCPFC5-2008-OP14 Ecuador - Statement Regarding Sorting Grids

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