3rd meeting of the WCPFC FAD Management Options IWG

Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands
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Not provisional
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The FADMO-IWG3 will have a face-to-face meeting at the International Conference Center (ICC), Majuro, Marshall Islands, on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. 

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
FADMO-IWG3-WP-01 Draft FAD MO IWG3 Guidelines for Biodegradable and Non-Entangling FADs V2 CLEAN
FADMO-IWG3-WP-02 REMOVED - TC version of WP-01
FADMO-IWG3-WP-03 Evaluation of dFAD construction materials in the WCPO (SC14-EB-IP-01)
Escalle L., S. Brouwer and G. Pilling
FADMO-IWG3-WP-04 Report on analyses of the 2016/2018 PNA FAD tracking programme (SC14-MI-WP-09)
Escalle L.[1], B. Muller[1], S. Brouwer[1] and G. Pilling[1] and the PNAO [2]
FADMO-IWG3-WP-05 Estimation of the number of FADs active and FAD deployments per vessel in the WCPO (SC14-MI-WP-10)
Escalle L[1], S. Brouwer[1] and G. Pilling[1] and the PNAO [2]
FADMO-IWG3-WP-06 Report of the ISG-02 FAD data fields and FAD Research Plan SC13 Summary Report Attachment E
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
PP-01 IWG3-WP-03 FAD Materials (SC14-EB-IP-01)
PP-02 IWG3-WP-04 PNA FAD Tracking (SC14-MI-WP-09)
PP-03 IWG3-WP-05 dFAD Numbers (SC14-MI-WP10)
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
FADMO-IWG3-IP-01 Recent purse-seine FAD fishing strategies in the eastern Pacific Ocean: what is the appropriate number of FADs at sea?
Lennert-Cody C.E.* [1], G. Moreno [2], V. Restrepo [2], M. H. Roman [1], and M. N. Maunder [1].

FADMO-IWG3-IP-02 Terms of Reference for a WCPFC FAD Management Options Working Group
FADMO-IWG3-IP-03 Review of research into drifting FAD designs to reduce species of special interest bycatch entanglement and bigeye/yellowfin interactions (SC13 Document)
Graham M. Pilling [1], Neville Smith[1], Gala Moreno[2], Claire van der Geest [2], Victor Restrepo[2] and John Hampton[1]
FADMO-IWG3-IP-04 Initiatives to reduce tropical tuna FAD fishery ecological impacts: from traditional to non-entangling (SC13 Document)
Lopez J [1], J. Murua [2], N. Goñi [1], J. Santiago [2], H. Murua [1], I. Arregi [1], I. Zudaire [1][3], J. Ruiz [2], I. Krug [4] and G. Moreno [5]

FADMO-IWG3-IP-05 What does well-managed FAD use look like within a tropical purse seine fishery?
Global FAD Science Symposium (2017)
FADMO-IWG3-IP-06 Chair Report of the 1st Joint Tuna RFMO FAD Working Group Meeting (19-21 April 2017, Madrid, Spain)

FADMO-IWG3-IP-07 A Summary of Bycatch Issues and ISSF Mitigation Activities to Date in Purse Seine Fisheries, with Emphasis on FADs (ISSF Technical Report 2017-06)
Restrepo, V., L Dagorn1, D. Itano, A. Justel-Rubio, F. Forget, and G. Moreno1
FADMO-IWG3-IP-08 ISSF Guide for Non-Entangling FADs
FADMO-IWG3-IP-09 Mitigation of Silky Shark Bycatch in Tropical Tuna Purse Seine Fisheries
Restrepo V., L Dagorn and G. Moreno
FADMO-IWG3-IP-10 Recommended Best Practises for Tropical Tuna Purse Seine Fisheries in Transition to MSC Certification with Emphasis on FADs [ISSF Technical Report 2018-05]
Restrepo V. and A. Justel-Rubio
FADMO-IWG3-IP-11 The use of non-entangling FADs to reduce ghost fishing
Morena G. [1] J. Murua [2] and V. Restrepo [1]

FADMO-IWG3-IP-12 Minimizing the impact of FAD structure on the ecosystem
Morena G. and V. Restrepo
FADMO-IWG3-IP-13 Steps towards Non-entangling and Biodegradable dFADs: from trials to the implementation in the EU fleet
Zudaire I[1]., M. Grande[1], J. Murua[2], J. Ruiz[2], I. Krug[3], G. Moreno[4], H. Murua[1], and J. Santiago[2].

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