Sixth Joint IATTC-NC Working Group Meeting on PBF Management

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JWG-06 Virtual Meeting will start on the 27th July 2021 at 08:00 AM (Japan Time).

List of corresponding times at various world locations -

All meeting documents (presentation files, scientific advice from WCPFC-SC and IATTC-SAC, reports on implementation CMM/Resolution for PBF, and proposals for CMMs or IATTC resolutions) are encouraged to be submitted to the Secretariat ( by 9 July 2021.

Download Meeting Documents*1 Jul 2022ZIP - 9.29 MB
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
IATTC-NC-JWG06-00 JWG Co-chairs' Letter
D. Lowman and M. Miyahara
IATTC-NC-JWG06-01 Meeting Notice and Arrangements
IATTC-NC-JWG06-02 Provisional agenda
IATTC-NC-JWG06-03 Virtual Meeting Protocols
IATTC-NC-JWG06-04 (Provisional) List of Documents (23July20212)
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
Agenda 3.2 (IATTC-SAC) Agenda 3.2 IATTC-SAC Recommendations
IATTC-Scientific Advisory Committee

* Secure documents are not included in the zip file