20th Regular Session of the Technical and Compliance Committee

Agenda Item 7. Status of Fisheries Presentation and Updates on the Impacts of Climate Change


The Commission at WCPFC20 tasked SC and TCC to include, as part of the standing agenda item on climate change, a review of available data to inform the Commission on climate change impacts to stocks and ecosystems in the WCPO, and the potential effects of climate change on related fishing activities (WCPFC20 Summary Report paragraph 220).  In this regard, TCC20 is expected to:

  • Receive brief updates from the SSP on the status of the WCPO tuna and billfish stocks and climate change impacts. 
  • Review the Ecosystem and Climate Indicator Report Card (WCPFC20 Summary Report paragraph 218).
  • Review a preliminary assessment of selected CMMs for their vulnerability to climate change impacts and consider the need for further work prepared by the Secretariat and SSP (WCPFC20 Summary Report paragraph 222).
  • Review and provide input to the Commission's DRAFT Climate Change Workplan, under development through intersessional work led by RMI and United States (WCPFC20 Summary Report paragraph 223).

TCC20 will, as appropriate, provide advice and recommendations to the Commission.