Fifth Workshop on Labour Standards for Crews on Fishing Vessels in WCPFC

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The IWGs intersessional workplan has scheduled for the LabourStandards5 to take place from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Pohnpei time (UTC+11).

For a list of corresponding times in various world locations, please refer to

Additional information regarding this event can be found on the WCPFC IWG portal page titled "Intersessional work on improving labor standards for crew on fishing vessels (2021-2023)."

For instructions and online support concerning registrations and the use of Zoom, please visit the Online Meeting Resources.

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WCPFC-LabourStandards5-Comments Comments on the CMM (A3 format)
Heather Ward and Putuh Suadela
WCPFC-LabourStandards5-Report Meeting notes from the 5th workshop
Heather Ward and Putuh Suadela

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