Workshop on Labour Standards for Crews on Fishing Vessels in WCPFC

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Workshop will start at 11:00am Pohnpei time and will be 3.5 hours duration.

List of corresponding times at various world locations -

The intersessional work on improving labour standards for crews on fishing boats has been progressed under the leadership of Indonesia and New Zealand in consultation with interested Members, Cooperating Non-Members and Participating Territories (CCMs) and other stakeholders.  The Co-Chairs (Ms Putuh Suadela of Indonesia and Ms Emma Hodder of New Zealand) of the intersessional work have asked the Secretariat to inform CCMs and stakeholders that there will be a virtual workshop on labour standards for crews on fishing vessels in the WCPFC. The provisional agenda for the workshop has now been cleared by the Co-Chairs and this is posted below.

Support for registrations and using Zoom is available from the Online Meeting Resources helpdesk.

For further updates post-July 13 please refer to the dedicated webpage for the interessional work

Download Meeting Documents*2 Aug 2021ZIP - 1.36 MB
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
Circ 2021/41 Meeting Notice
Circ 2021/54 Agenda for Workshop on Labour Standards for Crews on Fishing Vessels
WCPFC-LabourStandards1-2021-01 Provisional Agenda
WCPFC-LabourStandards1-2021-01A Provisional Agenda with indicative times

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