3rd Intersessional Working Group - Regional Observer Progamme (ROP-IWG3), 17-20 March 2009, Guam

Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-02 Notice of Meeting
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-03 Preliminary Agenda
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-04 Preliminary Annotated Agenda
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-05 Indicative Schedule
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-06 Provisional List of Documents
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-07 Cost Considerations for ROP Observers
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-08 Fisheries to Be Monitored
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-09 Planned use of a Cadre of Observers
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-10 Standardised Procedures for Observer Deployment
WCPFC/ROP-IWG3/2009-11 Preliminary ROP Website Chart

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