1st meeting of Transhipment Intersessional Working Group

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Not provisional
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TS-IWG participants must be registered and approved for the TS-IWG meeting in order to participate in the TS-IWG Online Discussion Forum (ODF).

Support for registrations and using Zoom is available from the Online Meeting Resources helpdesk.

The meeting will be held online between 11am –5pm Pohnpei time (UTC+11).

List of corresponding times at various world locations - timeanddate.com

Download Meeting Documents*16 Nov 2023ZIP - 674.34 KB
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
TIA_Scope of Work Scope of Work for the Transhipment Informaiton Analysis in Support of the Review of CMM 2009-06
TS-IWG 2023 workplan WCPFC19 Endorsed TS-IWG 2023 Workplan
WCPFC19 Summary Report paragraph 468 (Attachment Y)
TS-IWG TOR Terms of Reference for a review of CMM 2009-06 on Transshipment
Agreed by participants of the WCPFC transshipment IWG on 30 September 2019

* Secure documents are not included in the zip file