South Pacific Albacore Roadmap Intersessional Working Group

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SP Albacore Roadmap WG Virtual Meeting will start at 10:00 AM (Pohnpei Time) on Friday, 13 November 2020.

Download Meeting Documents*7 Jun 2021ZIP - 2.1 MB
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC Circular 2020-123 Meeting notice (19 Oct) - Rev.01 (Meeting time Changed to 10:00 - 13:00)
WCPFC-SPALB-RM-2020-01 Provisional agenda
IWG Chair
WCPFC-SPALB-RM-2020-02 Virtual Meeting Protocols
WCPFC Secretariat
Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
SPALB-RM-2020-WP-01 (Reposting SC16-2020/MI-IP-01) Additional Trajectories to Achieve the South Pacific Albacore Interim TRP

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