20th Regular Session of the Technical and Compliance Committee

Agenda Item 9.4 CMM 2014-02 Commission VMS


Based on WCPFC20 outcomes there are three matters that TCC20 is expected to consider:

  • whether any amendments are required to VMS SSPs 7.2.4 to provide clearer language in relation to this reporting requirement (i.e. protocol for inspecting States to inspect ALCs/MTU of other CCMs vessels at sea, includes reporting requirements for inspecting States) (WCPFC20 Summary Report, paragraph 754(c)).
  • ongoing work to enhance CCM’s and Secretariat’s practices to integrate and facilitate ongoing monitoring and compliance with CMM 2014-02, and 
  • a routine update of the VMS Standard Operating Procedures to reflect the continual improvements made by the Secretariat to relevant WCPFC online systems and taking into consideration WCPFC20 outcomes.