20th Regular Session of the Technical and Compliance Committee

Agenda Item 12 Supporting CCMs with Monitoring and Evaluation and Implementation of Cooperative MCS tools


TCC has previously identified that a priority task is the continued development of training resources and learning aids for the IMS, and the Secretariat has been tasked to explore the development of training videos.  Recent upgrades of key IT-related systems and associated guidelines and training resources have focused on supporting CCMs reporting. 

The Secretariat will provide an update on the TCC19 recommendation that the Secretariat update and maintain the Annual Reporting guidance (Annex 2 of WCPFC-TCC19-2023-19 Resources to assist CCM reporting and implementation of obligations) to provide CCMs clarity on their reporting requirements for further discussion at future TCC meetings.  TCC20 is to consider relevant information and updates and make recommendations to the Commission.

TCC20 will also consider and provide advice about additional support aids (eg guidelines, training resources and learning aids, and update of documentation)  that the Secretariat should explore to better support CCMs implementation of cooperative MCS activities.