20th Regular Session of the Technical and Compliance Committee

Agenda Item 10 Available Data for Verifying Compliance


At WCPFC19, the Commission endorsed TCC18 recommendations which noted that compliance with some obligations cannot be independently verified from available data sources, and tasked the Secretariat to develop a paper, which identifies those obligations for which there is a lack of independently verifiable data, as well as potential sources of data that could provide independent verification of those obligations.  TCC19 reviewed this paper, and at WCPFC20 the Commission endorsed the TCC19 recommendation that noted the paper’s value in guiding and enhancing the work of TCC and the Commission, as well as relevant intersessional working groups, and tasked the Secretariat with providing this paper as a standing paper and agenda item for TCC in the future (TCC19 Summary Report, paragraphs 222 – 223).

TCC20 is tasked to consider whether any adopted audit points for Quantitative Limit obligations require additional verification sources or processes to better facilitate compliance assessments (WCPFC20 Summary Report paragraph 754 (f)).