6th meeting of the WCPFC E-reporting and E-monitoring Working Group

Meeting Dates:
Not provisional
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In accord with the workplan, a virtual session is proposed for 31 May 2024, 10am - 2.30pm Pohnpei time.

The purpose of the session would be to:

1. Walk through the draft SSPs that were provided – considering all the various points raised in

2. Discuss some of the other matters related to the operation of an EM programme within the
WCPFC context, i.e., 
• Monitoring objectives
• Assurance processes
• Any additional SSPs that may be required; and
• Harmonisation.

Additional information regarding this event can be found on the WCPFC IWG portal page titled "Electronic Reporting and Electronic Monitoring - Intersessional Working Group (ERandEM-IWG)"

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